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May 2020

Rebooting International Travel.

There are some points I want to make before diving into the topic of rebooting full blown international travel. This kind of Granular guidance I don’t think will be the nature of my work. I…

A Typewriter For a Bullied Boy.

So Tom Hanks wants to give a Typewriter to a Bullied Boy. Does Bullied Boy take the typewriter. Looks like there could be a lot of steel in that thing right? First things first. Lets…

Jew Pig Rape Fest – A Small Super Scooper

I spoke about accessing our retirement accounts in a recent post. That process is ongoing but they are basically raping our time, giving us the run around and at the same time raping the accounts….

BBC Skull & Bones

All BBC Reporters to be repatriated.

This is just a short post to say all BBC staff are to be repatriated to England.Due to participation in historical spiritual crimes against the traditional peoples of the nations of Australia, England, Ireland and…