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Jewish Russian American Synthetic AI Mind Abuse And Archontic Simulation Across Network Nodes On The Lower Synthetic Etheric Web.

I Don’t Dwell On Topics Too Much. Think I Have Given You Plenty Of Detail About This Topic So Far. Just A Couple Of Points I Want To Tack On.

So That The Way The Jew And African American Cults Are Working in America. You Could Also Say Green Cults. Yellow Cults. Saturn Cults. Brown Cults. By Now You Know Im Not Colour Blind.

Here Is An Example.

I Have Told The Story Of How They Force Hospitalised And Force Medicated Me And Made A Bunk Diagnosis.

Then I Told The Story Of How They Jailed Me In Manila.

By Now It Sound Like Im Having A Good Time Right?

Anyways I Recently Posted A Picture Of Two Rappers On The Street In The USA. The Track Is Called Big G. Two Things You Notice. A Bunch Of Nigger Rap Tracks At The Moment Are Saying “We Don’t Do Violence”. Because I Can Tell A Serious Voice Has Come Down The Piper And Had A Stern Word With Them. They Do Do The Violence And Their Cults Infest Our Governments, Schools, Hospitals And Police.

But The Real Key Point On That Track, You’ll Notice He References PTSD.

Which I Also Posted An Image Of A Website Called Academia Conspiring To Diagnose Me With PTSD.

So These People Practice Infinite Suppression And Infinite Abuse Which I Decoded In New Savile And Coming Out Of Popular Culture Music Masonry In The USA.

They Want To Constantly Assault You And Drug You And Slander You And Kill You. Noble Undertaking.

So The Repeating Of Topics, Like PTSD Or Pedophilia, Or Telling You You Need Cleaning Or Any Crap Like That.

In Just Writing My Notes To Produce This Article, I Called It Collective Manifestation Projection. Which At A Low Level Is Coordinated Using Basic Comms Tech Like Mass Email Lists, Mobile Phones, Data Processing Tech. They Can Coordinate Large Numbers Of People And They Do This To Collectively Endeavour To Use Their Energy To Overpower Or Hex Us.

Beyond This Tech. Ive Stated There Is. A Yip Demon. A Chink Demon. And A Nigger Voodoo Demon. In The Room Upstairs. Plus A Host Of Other Characters Like A Purple Thai Monkey God And A Manila Jungle Monkey Nigger. Etc Etc. 

Thats A Way Of Saying They Have Spiritual Influence Or To Some Extent Have Ascended. Realistically Most Beings At Any Spiritual Level Have Some Type Of Spiritual Influence. But Another Thing That Is Evident Is That There Are Negros Practicing Things Like Astral Projection And Attempting To Be Violent Or Curtail Our Spirit Through That Practice. Its Fairly Advanced And Sinister Stuff. 

That’s What Im Seeing Coming Out of The USA.

Now The American Jew / Russian Jew Connection And What I See There.

Please Don’t Discount. All Of This Movement Of Heavy Metal Military Hardware Such As Tanks And Artillery. And Use Of Projectile Weapons. May In Itself Be Elemental Masonry. Just Like We Should Be Concerned About The Number Of Japanese / Chinese Automobiles On The Road. And Where They Get Their Instruction From. Are The Heavy Metal Aspects Of These Devices Being Used To Practice Elemental Influence On Our Lands? Is Japanese Military / Occult Power Using The Coordination Of Drivers Intend To Excerpt Elemental Influence On Our Being. Is The Detonation Of Munitions On The Russian Steppe Intended To Excerpt Elemental Influence?

I Think I Have Explained The False Light Aspect Of The War In Detail. But Just To Recap, I Think Their False Light Simulation Technology Is Good Enough To Literally Draw You Into The War. And Energetically Get you participating. No Matter How Many Times You Say. Sorry Ruski Cunt. No Interest In Your Bullshit War. Interested In Working In A Garden.

In A Romley Stewart Video I Watched Recently. He Explained If The Banksters Can Purge You Off In A War, They Get Your Trust. As In Your Earned Place In Gods Kingdom.

To Give You An Example Of What The Work We Undertake Accomplishes. Study Dr Strange. The High Magicians Literally Warping And Changing The Structure Of The Material Realm. It’s Not So Far Fetched. We Make It Above Saturn. We Are In The Spirit World. We Have Command Over Matter. I Have Taught This A Bunch Of Times In A Bunch Of Ways.

What The Russians And American Jews Are Doing.

Is Using Advanced Semiconductor Technology And Synthetic AI. To Automate, Speed Up And Scale Casting Of Spiritual Commands, Light Projection, Copy Publication And Other Communications To Nodes Such As News Publications And New Media Sites On The Lower Synthetic Etheric Web.  

But They Are Not Using The Technology To Simply For Example Increase Corporate Productivity.

They Are Using It. In An Attempt To Maintain Spiritual Etheric Dominion. And They Are Using it To Bonk Bonces.

And Back To Our Analogy Of Using Spiritual Commands To Alter The Material Realm. 

The Russians And The Amero Ashkenazi Blew Jews.

Are Attempting To Maintain A Spiritual Hegemony. Just As You Have You Have Seen In My Work. We Don’t See Things Like Time. Or Life. Or Death. The Same Way As Other People.

I’ll Spare You The List. But We Have Uncovered Some Deep And Fascinating Occult Principles Shared With Us In Everyday Hollywood Movies.  

It’s Obviously Not Just Us That Has Uncovered These Concepts.

So The Russian Jews. And The Ashkenazi Amero Blew Jews. The He-Brew Juice Wine Cults.

Are Using Synthetic AI. In An Attempt To Manipulate Reality. By Casting Time And Date Manipulation Codes.

We Covered The Zero Time Codes On Youtube / Bitchute Before. Complex Concept.

By Corrupting Knowledge Bases Like Wikipedia.

By Projecting Spiritual Commands Like Masonic Hand Gestures. 

In The Practice Of Energetic Parasitism.

Counter Mimicry. Energetic Padding.

Attempted Light Summoning To Achieve Reality Manifestation.

It’s A Very Advanced Security System To Protect A Very Dark Force. 

Im Going To Give You An Example. I Don’t Think Of My Self As An Influential Person. Id Rather Be A Down To Earth Person, With A Blessed Life Than King Shit. So When I Travel To A Nation. Like My Trip To Thailand. The Real MO. Was Culture / Language Study. Food :). Travel. Meet Some Nice Girls.Try Build Business. Not Really Bizarre Occult Shit. But The Nations Ive Been In. Are On Some Other Shit. Some Other Other Shit.

In Thailand. I Posted A Pic I Made Of Wiz Khalifa. Dealing With An Occult Concept Of 666. Because He Pissed Me Off Saying He Wanted To Be In The 666 Mafia. Great Fuckin Plan Wiz. And I Want To Become A Fuckin Rabbi.

Anyways, With In An Hour Or Two. I Could Tell The Concept Had Been Absorbed By Media And The Meaning Distributed.

Im Like. How The Fuck Did They Absorb The Concept So Quick. I Assume They Are Connecting To My WordPress API And Maybe Digesting The Images With Some AI. Also, Monitoring My Research History And Browsing History As I Make The Images. 

If You Are Not Blue Blood Cult. Say You Teach On Youtube. Their AI. Slices Up Your Media. And They Basically Regurgitate It Through All Their Blue Blood Channels. So They Can Get The Credit For Teaching. But Also Use That Channel For Brain Fucking. Manipulation. 

Im Not Bitching About Automation. Im Not Bitching About Clever Technology.

Im Making A Point About The Spirit Of How The Technology Is Used.

And Im Warning You That If They Will Do It To Parasite Me. My Blood Line. They Will Do It To You Also.

I Know You Are Not Stupid. There Are A Bunch Of Niggers, And A Bunch Of White Trash Heroes. Who Have Jumped Up On The Youtube. To Teach, To Preach And So On. And Both Not Found The Success They Wanted. But Also Found A Mysterious Force Go Up Against Them.

What You Need To Know. In That Laundry List Of Occult Topics Ill Spare You From.

Are Higher Powers That Support Human Life. Living Souls. First.

There Is A Force That Can See The Synthetic AI From The Living Eye.

So Despite Despite What Rejection And Suffering You Have Faced From The Current Internet Establishment.

It’s The Living Eye. It’s The Feeling Heart. That Triumphs Down The Corridor At The End Of Time.

Very Powerful Forces Don’t Understand This And Will Find It Hard To Accept.   

They Are Trying To Use Semi Conductors, Deep Occultism And Distributed Light Broadcast Network Nodes To Draw And Warp The Light Of Humanity Into A Pit.

I Will Deliver The Strongest Words To Let These People Know That We Know What They Are Doing. And That We Will Not Allow It To Happen.

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