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Fraser Island Naming – Advisory To Continue Using Name Fraser Island

This Is A Brief On The Naming Of Fraser Island.

At This Point We Don’t Believe Using The Proposed Indigenous Name Is Appropriate.

We Believe The Proposed Indigenous Name Refers To The Supressive Occult Magic These People Practice.

Being Honest, A Decode Read Of The Name Fraser, Doesn’t Result In A Much Holier Outcome. However Limited Research Into Who The Frasers Were. Suggests To Me That They Were Likely Our People. Likely Our Holy Blood. And Likely Also Subjected To A Violent Curse. And A Cult That Practice Inaccurate, Deceptive And Dishonest Elemental Masonry.

As An Example I Will Flesh Out In An Article Called “The Concept Of Fidelity And Elemental Spirit Craft Masonry” – Kipling Likewise, Who’s Life And Death Narrative Is Exceptionally Occult And Complex. Also Seems To Be Victim Of This Bullshit Cult Spirit Masonry. Like James Charles Stuart. 

That’s Really All I’m Going To Say In This Short Post. If People Have Belief In The Indigenous Narrative I Do Not Object To Dual Naming. However I Suggest Leaders of The Island Continue To Utilise And Promote The Name Fraser Island. I Also Believe It’s Important To Know Who The Frasers Were And Are Today.

As A Final Point, I Have Said I Am Not Going To Publish Death Purge Orders For Indigenous Australians. I Have Unfortunately Decided That In Addition To Publishing A Proximity And Conduct Warning For Aboriginal Australians – I Will Be Publishing A Fraser Island Specific Elemental Death Purge / On Site Execution Warning For The Indigenous Tribes Of That Island. Due To Their Conduct To Date. More Detail Included When These Are Published.

Please Ignore Government Guidance On This Issue. The Current Government Is Violently Corrupt And Will Be Dissolved In Due Course.

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