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Virgin Group Part of Crime Cartels Implicated in Australia’s Crimes against Humanity

The Virgin Group
The Virgin Group

In the 1980’s humanity was briefed to destroy the space flight paradigm that infests our political and popular culture. The reason we were briefed to do so is because those who created it were violent. They engaged in theft within our government institutions, they engaged in Pedophilia. These facts are documented in films such as the shining that document this history of the so called Apollo moon landings. Movies throughout the 1990’s briefed us to do the same thing. 

So lets assume the obvious. Those clinging on most tightly to this paradigm are the sickest and most corrupt amongst us – and by removing them something better will take their place. 

What we have witnessed in Australia over the last years is men with significant resource attempt to re-launch that paradigm and uphold another generation where our people are robbed and deceived. 
English Bankers obviously have data on how running banking operations in environments littered with etheric deception is more profitable. 
The bible teaches us that a new world will come to replace the old one. One thing that we have learned is that it is not only our obligation to study the word of the bible, but our obligation to bring forward the new world by ending the old one. 

The Virgin Group are closely linked with these destructive paradigms and a number of other fraudulent popular culture paradigms that are deeply harmful to the wellbeing of people in our nations. The Virgin Group have:

  • A long history of investing in and upholding deceptions for the purpose of maintaining banking profits. 
  • A history of rendering service to cults or entities that are not the gods that we traditionally worship on our lands. 
  • A history of building influence and wealth but failure to use that influence to develop policing and legal forces that protect the wellbeing and interests of everyday people.
  • A long history in investment banking whilst acutely failing to develop systems that protect and preserve human lives in our lands

In no courts in our lands are the interests of the Virgin group to be protected. They are to be wound up entirely as an entity.
Employees of the Virgin groups are covered by self defence execution orders such that in the event that employees of these groups Seek to use police force or force of any type to uphold contracts or banking orders individuals are authorised to defend themselves with lethal force.  

Employees of the Virgin Group are to be excluded from associating with police forces and in the event of accidents or natural disasters the Virgin Group are not to be provided any public assistance. Our lands and our people are not to be used to sustain groups that operate as criminals amongst our humanity.

All offshore funds and holdings of the Virgin Group are to be deeply investigated and any funds or wealth taken from the paradigm of deception they operated in are to be returned to the nations where they have operated

When you study the legal instruments that the Virgin corporations use to send their profits into tax havens – what you find is violence. As in the etymology and translation of the legal instruments they use very directly translates into violence. Their use of these legal instruments and their involvement in these violent etheric deceptions is not coincidental. These are people living amongst our humanity who have decided to succeed with violence that can be packaged and sold as something else.

Employees of these corporations are no longer guaranteed safety in our lands and it is our advise that employees of Virgin resign. We encourage people to inform Virgin Staff that we are aware of their criminality and who they are employed by. 

The Virgin Group are a corporate entity that are no longer fit to operate in the lands of Australia or the United Kingdom. Their service to non christian cults that are implicated in the most violent crimes against our humanity is well documented. 

The nature of the realm that we occupy is not such that each generation must live through deception after deception and that deception is to be repeated between generations. If we fight for the right things the next generations will be rewarded with the true nature of realm we inhabit.

In all of the hundreds upon hundreds of ‘Business’ meetings these people had attended to across their career – you would have thought in at least one of them their own peoples basic human rights would have been secured and that this would have been enshrined in the laws and practices of our lands.

The Directors of the Virgin Group have been informed that their employees lives are at risk with their continued operations in Australia. Companies and individuals engaged in trade with the virgin group are also to be deeply investigated for association with cults in our lands and participation in crimes against humanity.

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