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Brief On Russian False Light Abuse.


Previously I Said On The Russian War, It Took Me Ages To Respond.

Truth Is I Rocked Up In Thailand And There Were A Bunch Of Russians Around Me. Kind Of Uncomfortable.

Although Its True On The Topic Of War, Its No Issue If You Sit On The Side And Abstain. Because If You Partake They Try And Suck You In. At One Point Ill Do A Teaching On What We Call Circuit Reads. What You Learn. Is That Every Nigger. Every Chink. Every Russian Jew Pig. Thinks. Their Saturn Shit Pipe Is Divine.

Truth Is The Real War Is A Bunch Of Russian Jew Pig Priests Practicing False Light Masonry.

We Have Fuck All Interest In Seeing It In Our News. We Have Fuck All Interest In Responding To Bullshit Stories.

We Don’t Practice False Light Masonry. We Practice Real Light Masonry. Opening The Pineal Gland And Letting Real Light In.

What We Would Much Rather See. Than A Pack Of Russian American Jew Pig Priests Practicing False Light War Masonry.  Is A Bunch Of Young Russian Sluts Getting Hard Heavy Fucked On Our Television Screens.

And That’s What We Watch. Doesn’t Cost Me A Penny. Free To Air.

We Will Be Publishing A Range Of Curtailments To Limit Russian Participation In Our Society And Also Purge The Russian Jew American Connection That Practices False Light Abuse. 

At The End Of Time, The Spirit Emitting From Russia Was Found To Be Too Low To Justify Cultivating Relationships With Them As A Peoples. 

I Will Be Publishing USA End Times Judgement in The Coming Days.

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