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Brief On Doing Business With The United Kingdom.

This Is Guidance To All Nations On Doing Business With, Trading With And Travelling In The United Kingdom.

At Present, I Do Not Know If United Kingdom Is A Suitable Name To Call The Region. I Will Update You On That If I Get New Insight.

In Terms Of Referring To The Lands As Great Britain.  The Etymology Of The Term Is Old And Complex. However It Is Reasonable To Presume It In Large Part Comes From The Term Breton. A Race Who’s Origin Is The Lands Of France Beside The United Kingdom. A Race We Consider A Perpetual Curse Race. I Would Suggest That The Imposition Of The Term Great Britain Comes From The Casting Of A Low Blood Saturnian Curse Across Our Lands And People.

In That Respect. It Is Advised That International Peoples Trading & Travelling In The United Kingdom Do Not Seek To Simply Establish Relationships With The British Or The Establishment In Britain. 

Our People Practice A Deep Occultism That Is Concealed Under A Number Of Languages And Ancient Masonic Practice.

It Is Highly Likely If You Are In The UK, And Doing Business With The Formal Government Establishment You Are Doing Business Beneath The Veil And The Wrong People.

Our Peoples Are At Liberty To Use The Terms, The Kingdom Of Scotland, The Kingdom Of Wales, The Kingdom Of Ireland And The Kingdom Of England.

It Is Likely We Will Also Increasingly Recover And Utilise Other Terms For These Kingdoms And Increasingly Request Utility Of Traditional Language Reference To Kingdoms And Locations In Media Coverage. It Is Also Likely We Will Also Recover And Utilise Names For Other Ancient Kingdoms. Great Britain Will Take A Lower Standing Than The Traditional Kingdoms And Peoples Of The Land. 

Although Jimmy Fails And The Ashkenazi Curse Cult Will Try And Tell You Such Kingdoms No Longer Exist. It Is Not For Example The Belief The People Of Scotland That Their Independence Has Ever Been Lost Or Their Traditional Kingdom Has Ever Ceased Or Been Nullified.

Peoples Wishing To Establish Relationships Within This Region Are Advised To Understand Our Deep Occultism, Seek To Create Relationships Based On Things Like Heart Resonance, Morality & And Good Christian Conduct. It May Not Result In Instant Wealth, But Will Be More Likely To Establish A Long Term Relationship And Longevity Of Trade.

Like All Races As We Identify The Beings Practicing Cursing Over Our Lands And The Practice Of Abuse Against Our People They Will Be Subjected To The Most Extreme Of Reflection Punishment. Many Breton Businesses And Beings Will Be Subjected To These Punishments.

Appreciate If You Could Follow This As Guidance For Your Own Business Affairs And Media Coverage Standards. As We Continue Doing Our Work, The Natural Leaders Of The Land Will Become Evident And Begin To Shine Through.

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