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Brief On Region Naming & Renaming.

I’ll Start This By Stating. I’m Not Trying To Play Rename Stuff Faster Than I Was A Black Cunt On Fraser Island. 

That’s Not The Game I’m Playing.

To Give You Some Context When I First Started Getting Across The Concepts In Romley Stewarts Work. About Names. I Started Practicing. It’s Really Hard. The Concept Isn’t You Can Never Sign A Contract. But Be More Conscious Of What You Sign Who You Deal With. Like DMX Says. The Devil Really Approaches You. I’ve Rejected The Devil Who Subtly Informs You That It Is He That You Are Dealing With. I Don’t Think You Can Play Evil Or Cult Without Being Marked Up And Carrying A Calling Card. Seems To Be Rules. 

Anyways A Point Came When I Said To Mum. I’m Not Going To Fuck Around With This Name Shit Anymore. Not Working. By That Time. It Already Was Working. I Just Wasn’t Aware Of How. I’ll Get Stuff Shipped To Me Under The Name Stuart Christian. To Some Extent There Are Esoteric Facets To The Naming Of Yourself That You Must Know. But Their Are Also More Formal Contractual. For Example I Made A Picture Contemplating The Mc In Our Scottish Irish Name Came From Roman numerals And The Roman Imposition Of A Taxation System In Our Nations. Still Don’t Know If That Is So, But Worth Thinking On.

How It Works. Is As You Learn All Your Names – All Your Family Names Deep Meanings And Origins. And Start Outputting Such That You Rep Them And What They Stood For. Then: 

As The Saying Goes – Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods

What You Will Find Is The Higher Instrumentality Of Your Peoples Spiritual Architecture Will Have Your Back And Protect Yo Neck.

Knowing Your Own Peoples Deep Word Meanings And Naming Concepts Is Critical To Knowing Your People And How To Communicate With Them Accordingly. For Example. The Scottish People Created Rod Stewart. The Irish People Created Van Morrison. From This It Is Easy For Us To Deduce The Superior Race. 

So That’s The Concept Pertaining To Your Being.

It Crosses Over Into Locations.

Know Who We Were. Where We Influenced. And Ensure The Archon Cults Don’t Erase That Historical Influence. We Need To Keep Critical Land Bridges Open And Travel Routes For Our People To Be Able To Continually Learn, Travel, Grow And Explore.

That’s Why I Talk About Renaming Things And I’m Concerned About Other Forces Renaming Places I Have Historically Traveled To That Seem To Be Named After Our Historical Travellers.

Again. It’s Not A Race. And It’s Not A Power Struggle. We Are Not Going To Erase All Of The Black Races Naming From Australia. But. As We Triangulate Our Beings. We Aim To Triangulate To Places That Are Meaningful, Nurturing And Divine. We Need To Deeply Know What The Names Mean And Create A Holarchy Of Meaningful, Challenging And Ascensional Names That Allow Our Brethren To Ascend To The Same Degrees That We Aspire To Ascend To.

If The Aboriginal Names Speak Of Suppressive Magic. The Names. Plus The Orchestrators Will Be Eliminated.

I Am Going To Be Publishing Some Regional Naming Updates And Conventions That Will Be Used In My Work So You Understand How We See The World And Where Our Influence Is To Be Acknowledged Soon. Relating To:

  • Australia / NZ.
  • Europe.
  • Africa
  • Asia. 

I May Produce Crude Maps At Some Point, But As I Have Illustrated. Maps Are Not Of The Highest Of Importance. It’s Probable We Will Develop Systems To Initiate Our People Into The Concept Of Meaningfully Triangulating Their Being As They Begin Their Own Travels. 

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