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Brief On The Re Colonisation Of Indo China & Africa.

These Are Just Broad Outlines Toward The Approach We Will Be Taking To The Re-Colonisation Of Indo China & Africa.

We No Longer Recognise The Sovereignty Of Any Of The Primary Races Of The Nations Of These Lands.

We No Longer Recognise The Historical Geographic Boundaries Of These Lands.

In Our Own Nations I Will Be Preparing Polices Of Segregation Between Races In All Of Our Societal Institutions And Tightening Security Policies For Anglo Celtic And Anglo Saxon Communities.

As Far As The Whole Indo China Region, Japan And Africa.

We Will Briefing Our Societies To Prepare For Development Of Segregated High Security Caucasian Only Townships
In All Nations. Policy Will Dictate That All Caucasian Visitors Are Permitted To Carry Armaments For Self Defence In These Lands Whilst We Advocate The Removal Of Armaments From Negroid And Indo Brown Races.   

In Nations Such As Thailand And Japan Where Ownership Of Property Is Restricted For Foreigners, We Will Shift Policy In All Nations To Give Caucasians The Capability To Both Hold Land In The Nation And Conduct Business With Out Undue Force Or Influence From The Current Transgressing Inhabitants Of The Nations.

The Initial Purges Will Begin Remotely With Our Remote Electronic Warfare Capabilities.

If There Is Resistance To The Progression Of Our Development Plans Across Any Of These Nations Populations Will Be Purged And Infrastructure Will Be Removed With Military Force.

In Our Own Nations We Will Expedite Cultivation Of Our Own Caucasian Populations To Begin Filling Cities Across Indo China And Africa. All Of Our Peoples Will Be Schooled In The Craft Of Masonry And Christianity To Ensure Our Conduct Across The Lands We Occupy Will Be The Highest.

To Finalise This Brief A Note To Give Guidance On The Spirit Of The Brief.

There Was A Story In The Past About The French Foreign Legion In Africa.

And A Bunch Of Niggers Chucking A Fit About It.

I Thought To Myself. Well If The Niggers Don’t Want Our Culture And Out Technology. Get The Fuck Out Of There And Let Them Dig Around In The Dirt Or What Ever A Nigger Does In Africa Until It Becomes A Corpse.

The Problem Is. We Aren’t In These Lands Because Of Colonial Desire Or Desire For Material Wealth. I Don’t Even Want To Fuckin Visit Africa, Why The Fuck Would I Urge Colonising?

We Are In These Lands, Because It’s Just Not Viable To Leave Negroid Populations Go Unchecked. They Will Create A Spirit Across The Land Too Violent, Too Ignorant & Too Low. They Will Use The Resource Of The Lands To Murder Us As They Have Already Demonstrated.

As Far As The Mineral Wealth, I Will Be Briefing Our Nations To Pursue It. I Still Don’t Really Want It Or Think We Need It. It’s Not What We Teach And Its Not What We Practice. But If A Curse Cult Is Going To Take It And Build Nations Designed To Fuck Rape Us. We’d Best Off Pursue It For The Utility Of Building Lands We See In Our Vision.

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