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DRM Brief

This Is Just A Short Brief On DRM – Meaning Digital Rights Management.

This Is Technology That Prohibits Screen Shooting Images From Movies. Other Terms May be Used To Describe Such Technology.

Im Not Going To Elaborate. But This Is Essentially Corporations Preparing To Implement A Paradigm Of Violent Spiritual Abuse Or False Light Abuse. We’re Talking NWO Or Talmud Jew Pig Cult Control. Such Terms May Describe How These Paradigms Might Be Described In Popular Culture.

As Far As Im Aware. The Following Corporations Implement Anti Screen Shot Technology On Films.
– Netflix
– Apple
– Youtube

It Is Possible Amazon Do It Also At Request Of Hollywood Studios.

I Won’t Confirm And Go And Check All Corporations Just Now As This Post Is Not Designed To Ascribe Punishments.

Instead It Is Intended To Inform These Corporations That Continuing Along The Same Path Is Not Advisable And We Advise Discontent From The Public Towards These Corporations For The Use Of Such Technology.

In Our Previous Work We Have Used The Term RSA Or Remote Spiritual Abuse To Describe How Such Technology Might Be Used.

We Could Brief You In Much More Detail But That Should Be Sufficient For Now.

We Advise Consumers To Rip Media Such As Films And Television Series Using Alternate Services Instead Of Paying Corporations That Use DRM.

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