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Philippine Airlines Brief

This Is A Short Brief.

Nations That Operate As A Curse Are Forbidden From Operating A National Carrier And Forbidden From Landing In Our Nations.

We Advise The Complete Wind Up Of This Operator.

We Advise That All Airports In Our Lands Forbid This Carrier From Landing At Our Airports.

We Advise That No Replacement Should Be Made For A National Airline For This Nation Until Purging Is Complete. 

Once A National Airline Is Permitted It Should Be Branded With The Name New Savile.

Any Entity In The Air Services Business That Allow This Operator To Continue Will Be Implicated In Extreme Criminality.

We Can’t Allow The Continued Transportation Of Blue Blood Curse Cult Beings Into Our Lands And Need To Make Curtailments Of The Transport of These Beings Into Our Lands.

Terminating The National Flagship Operator Is The Best Start.

Foreign Policy TV

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