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The True Purpose Of Dog Stalking. 

This Is Just Some Information To Let People Know Who Experience This What The Purpose Of Dog Stalking Is.

Just Like I Have Said Of Automobiles. We Have To Be Conscious. With Digital Services. And Foreign Nations. What Are They Using The Movement Of All Of That Steel To Try Accomplish?

Do They Use Movement of Steel Like Cars And Aircraft To Elementally Effect Our Flesh Being?

It Seems Quieter On The Street Here. I Feel Like. Less Yellow Brown Monsters Giving Direction People Take More Control Of Themselves. Work From Home Allows People To Live Calmer Lives Instead Of Chasing Their Tail After Dark Bosses.

A Lot Of The Chaos Energy Is Fabricated.

Well. It’s Exactly The Same With Animals.

It’s Strange To Think We Are Having Conversation. That The Place We Live People Just Can’t Walk Their Dog.

But I Expect Other People Have Experienced This. 

It’s Very Obvious To An Awakened Being. The Dog Stalkers Are Running On Program By Request. Probably For Payment.

Many Of Them Are Housewives. Probably Answering To Evil As A Way To Find Money.

The Reason They Do It. Is Because Dogs Are A Saturn Energy. 

So They Continually Run Dogs Past You. To Try And Create Energy Suppression In Your Being.

It’s Not A Complex Concept.

Now That We Know Why This Is Being Done. As I Have Done For America.

I Will Publish A Flesh Punishment & Purge Order For Dog Stalkers In Australia. And Request Laws Be Put In Place For The Breeding, Sale And Public Use Of These Animals.

Its Inapropriate That We Allow The Lands Be Used For People Attempting To Develop Physical Energetic Abuse Patterns.

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