BBC Skull & Bones

What Happened to the BBC?

As people we all look out to the world to see what is happening. We want happy news. It is probably a weakness in us that we have to look outwardly to find it. The…

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Some Life Advice To Journalists.

I used to date this Girl who was really quick at changing Boyfriends. At first when we dated it obviously annoyed me. I would leave the bedroom duck down the street to get some snacks,…

BBC Skull & Bones

All BBC Reporters to be repatriated.

This is just a short post to say all BBC staff are to be repatriated to England.Due to participation in historical spiritual crimes against the traditional peoples of the nations of Australia, England, Ireland and…

You Are Now Entering The Halls.

I recently Announced a new media format. Called Entering the Halls. If you have followed my Work. I Entered the halls once myself. Not for being judged. For Judging. So now the halls are mine….