An Interesting Instagram Story.

Im going through as we speak and scaling back my instagram. Its been probably a year + since I stopped posting. I decided “These people are attempting to censor me….they are getting nout of my…

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Stu Knows Mysterious Things. Why?

Ironically. This is a walk down memory lane to Fukushima. One of the Things my Japanese Girlfriend said to me…..I cant find the words in Japanese. But In english it translated to “You have a…

Why is the SMH Such a Toilet Bowl?

I have schooled you about the BBC Already so why not talk a little about the SMH? Sydney’s toilet paper of record. The Sydney Morning Herald. This isn’t me just writing a knee-jerk slander post….

BBC Skull & Bones

What Happened to the BBC?

As people we all look out to the world to see what is happening. We want happy news. It is probably a weakness in us that we have to look outwardly to find it. The…