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Understanding the UNNO: Unholy Negro Notice.

The Unholy Negro Notice is a new device that will be introduced by churches in Australia for the sake of protecting the traditional peoples of Australia, NZ and the Surrounding Island Regions.

The Notice Will allow both Anglo Celtic and Indigenous, Maori and Pacific Islander Ministers to Issue Unholy Negro Notices During for example Wedding Ceremonies.

The Purpose of the notices is to Protect The Islander peoples of these regions and Encourage Young Indigenous Women To Pursue Relationships and Ultimately Marriage with young Indigenous Men. And the same for relations with young women in all the other Surrounding Island Regions.

The problem I see is that young Indigenous women Are going be watching TV and seeing the likes of Will Smith. And thinking that that is some type of Sexy Negro. Its Not. Its an Unholy Negro. With limited finite welcome in these lands.

The Unholy Negro Notice Will not Prohibit A Marriage. But It may determine limited on-land privileges as determined by related communities. And it will put the couple under the custodianship of the elders of those tribes.

Ultimately we want to bolster a media culture that teaches Indigenous that Their Positive Future rests within their own peoples. I think their is this Risk that because Indigenous people see the organisation, and technology in our culture, they will have false belief that their positive future rests with our cultures. It’s not entirely true. They can manifest positive futures with their vision directed entirely within their own people.

So some examples for you.

If An Indigenous Woman Wanted to Wed in Australia
– Will Smith – Unholy Negro Notice.
– Morgan Freeman – Unholy Negro Notice.
– Forest Whitaker – Super Unholy Negro Notice Upgraded
– Busta Rhymes – Unholy Negro Notice.

But Keep in Mind These Negros Would Only receive the notice in the ecosphere protection zone that is Australia.

Where Are They Holy Negros? I don’t know. Thats what they need to establish in their own life Journey and that is what I will cover in Black People Feedback #3.`

In Concluding. The Unholy Negro Notice is a Tool Australian Ministers are going to consider Introducing and utilising so the in an environment of travel and migration Indigenous communities can be protected and directed in a way that protects their traditional culture and peoples.

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