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Advanced sound colour code and sense recognition in media communications and masonic ritual.

I feel really blessed to be able to find the time to write this stuff out.

This is kind of an emotional story. Emotion is a funny substance. I believe in utilising it. Being an emotional man. But in being that. Many forces will exploit your emotion. Using sentimentality and so on.

But emotion can also be a trigger towards goodness.

So in this story Im going to cover a few things. An advanced way that masons communicate and even trigger emotions, knowing, reaction in humans Often even long decades after that mason has left the earth. And some points on the Afghan war.

When I got the sense that the universe was trying to point me in the direction of Afghanistan. I started looking it up. Doing some research. You guys know Im into different religions and spiritually And stuff like that. So I have this knack that I can study spiritual stuff and because Im so versed in doing so I get my head around things pretty quickly.

Anyways after knowing or even considering the nation of Afghanistan so little in my consciousness about 6 months ago I went and studied it a bit – Afghanistan. Never met an Afghani.

So A couple of hours into the research I broke out crying. Because I could read the land and the people just via online research. I could also read their Gods. When I was a child I was obsessed with this concept that the Zoroastrians placed their dead on a tower to be eaten by Vultures. So I have had an interest in the Gods of people in mysterious lands since I was a child.

And I said to myself of the armies in Afghanistan.

These stupid motherfuckers. Have no clue. Where they have been with their armaments. What have we done there?

And then I wrote the words on a piece of paper beside my bed.

“We will carry the burden of our regret for an eternity.”

A lot of the war stuff is bunk. Its really just a blue blood occupation. Its spiritual testing. For example if you look up the war dead in Afghanistan. There will be an American soldier blowing cigarette smoke. They fabricate a scenario. Parasite off a nation. Drew Binsky is still in Afghanistan Fabricating Scenarios as we speak. The war zones are spiritual testing zones. Will men find the high path out or will they resort to the trigger.

I have to be direct with you. During my research. I did establish a degree of appreciation for the beautiful olive skinned Kafir women in the hills of Afghanistan. Hopefully they will align with me to create a compelling and conclusive force that will help achieve my ends toward semitic expulsionism.

It’s that in part that made me tell America’s jewish communities that their own children would hang if they did not change their position on Afghanistan.

Ive been in heaps of low lying and mountainous hilly areas in Asia. In China. In Laos. Northern Thailand. Etc Etc. They wear similar colourful clothing.

So in Thailand. I was often in areas that are Hmong. They were called the Hmong tribes. If you hung out with me in Chinag Mai. I probably chewed your ear off Because I was mulling over building a business creating like tech gadget covers with Hmong Fabric. I really spent a lot of time dwelling on this business concept. Funnily enough I never even got it started which if you guys see how many projects I start. Rare.

There is no association between Hmong and Kafir. Probably neither in blood or geography.

I may be leading you astray with the cover image. It may not be a Hmong Woman but a Kayan Long Neck. But you get the picture. The tribes up there make these beautiful colourful fabrics.

But that colour association. Knowing the colours the Hmong wore. I must have spoken to heaps of Hmong people in Chiang Mai. Thats where a lot of my emotion came From getting upset about the Afghanistan War. It was this simple and quick colour association in the eye that triggered a peaceful association with the tribe and all of the beautiful colours they wore. Why the fuck would we need to Run around in that place with a bunch of Tanks and Armaments?

So I associated the peaceful time I had in Northern Thailand with the Tribes in the hills of Kafiristan.

Thats the key thing I wanted to speak about on how I came to doing the work on Afghanistan Recently.

Before I Close though a really fascinating insight into deep decoding EWS like I promised I was going to give some more decoding guidance on that. You notice that Ziegler In the Pool room is tapping his pool chalk on the pool table. That could be a lot more simple meaning. But….

When you study the deep masonic rituals the lodge masons practice. A lot of them have sound triggers. Like three raps of a cane. There a lots of intricate motions in the rituals.

You could be taken into a lodge. Do a ritual. And not know the meaning of the triggers for decades after. Things like the tap sounds of the pool chalk. Could be triggering the Viewer as to hidden meaning. So when the viewer takes the trigger, they then go back and associate with maybe a biblical vs, a punishment etc etc.

Very spiritually light delicate communications mediums. Can trigger compelling consciousness shifts. And thats where Id like my work to be in a few years. I want to be giving you ten times More. But making sure its going to need you being 10 times smarter to grasp what I’m saying.

I find it amazing that I have never been to Afghanistan but can still reach across our plane and communicate in simple ways. Right and Wrong. Good and Bad. Our last generation couldn’t do that. They literally drag themselves through the lands doing just mostly ‘wrong thing’.

Eyes Wide Shut was a gift for us from the higher orders that will allow our people to conduct an energised cleansing of unholiness across our lands. Let’s double down. And ensure in our own works. We employ the use of colour, sound, light, force and our own human emotion to remove malicious elements from our nations. And build nations designed to sustain and nurture the human lives that are so valuable to us.

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