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America’s “Jewish” Business leaders pose Rape Risk in Australia.

Jew Cult
Jew Cult

During Financial downturns and changing economic times there are all kinds of forces at play. One force that families should be mindful about is that of exploitation Coming from within corporate quarters.  Some time ago I was arrested for growing cannabis plants. 

After researching my arrest I found that it had very little to do with Cannabis Plants. 

It turns out that this assault was pre-mediated by Americas “Jewish” Business leaders 10 years before it happened.

During the arrest the NSW Police officers undertook a weird sexually oriented assault that was also long pre meditated and nothing to do with safety or procedure.  One reason we believe Jewish figures are conducting targeted sexually oriented assaults against individuals is that they believe that it will make them silent as to what we can clearly observe as repugnant crimes against humanity they have partaken in. 

For any Australian that encounters financial problems whether you can’t pay a credit card or pay home loan, the Bible has all the solutions to these problems. You may have to dump your home. You may have to Relocate. But it does excuse you from being subject to exploitation or occult mumbo jumbo that people in the corporate world may attempt to subject you to. That doesn’t mean you can be complacent or flagrant or use the bible to just flee from obligations. But you can happily use it to excuse yourself from BS. Anyone that claims to be a mason Or a Christian and reads the bible would know this. 

America’s Jewish owned and operated Medical Corporations are directly implicated in crimes against humanity and genocide within our hospital and medical systems. These crimes stem from their acute failings in their duty of care during their presence in our medical systems. The investigation into these crimes against humanity are only beginning. 
Americas Jewish Business leaders have presented themselves amongst our people as no higher than a pack of slobbering sodomite prison rapists. As they present themselves is as they are.

They and their offspring should be treated as no different than how they conduct themselves in our lands. 

We advise Australian citizens against allowing themselves to be seized by police forces who operate in service to corrupt foreign cartels who have also failed in their duty of care to carry out the works that they have been employed to undertake. 

Professionals working in hospital, administrative or professional environments are permitted to ask America’s Jewish business leaders to leave premises if their conduct in our lands is not of a high enough standard. 

If americas Jewish business leaders think that our corrections facilities are to be used as places where beings are assaulted and humiliated they are sorely mistaken. They are either places of rehabilitation and caring, or punishment through use of confinement and restriction of physical travelling freedom alone.

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