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America’s Jewish Corporate Death Cults pose the greatest threat to the future of Christian Children.

America’s #1 Export is it’s corporate Death Cults. Many of America’s leading brands are joined at the hip with cults who don’t intend to sell you a product for your benefit but intend to exploit you to the full extent that they can. I don’t have to post a picture of Saturn up here to remind you that it’s an old man sucking the life out of a baby do I?

In our media, we don’t like and we don’t aim to use children as human shields. It’s something people do to increase the potency of their writing.

Detectable if exploited as a tactic. I remember when I started covering medical topics and I had this feeling that I could spot media organisations that would what I call ‘Jump on a corpse’. Someone dies and then every media mogul jumps on that death to exercise their political will. Not so classy.

But this post is fairly direct. It’s so logical to me that If I can highlight the ways that they coerce me and try to curtail my life, then the learnings and progress I can make will benefit the lives of our future. The punch line is. I guarantee you that the control systems used on me will be used on your children one day.

An analogy that I used in a previous post about a daughter committing suicide. Well I started using Apple computers as a grown man. Your children have their first thoughts on their iPad. Their first sexual thoughts.

You mark my words that the corporations that own your children’s first thoughts have zero regard for your children, your children’s wellbeing or your children’s future. The level depth and complexity of the tracking and harassment systems they are building go far beyond your comprehension.

They are building systems that psychologically test you on the streets. They are building systems that can intervene in your travel, delay you car trips. They are building control at a suburban level. They are building systems that build databases on your behavioural patterns. I probably need to stop there. But many things are being built. However as you begin to be able to see these systems applied in our society thats when you need to speak. And that’s whats happening to me. I can see the people using digital systems against us.

So what would you think, that if you knew that if your child used Instagram or used Google or used an iPad that they were in fact subjecting themselves to control force or control mechanisms that are in no way intended to exist by god or by the word of the bible. The fact is that awakening into God’s kingdom is a liberating experience. It’s an opening experience. This is why the Jew Pig Cults employ methods of torture. Harassment. They like to infest your life with low spirits. So thats what they are going to be doing with all the data they collect at companies like Google and Facebook. Doing whatever they can to bring lowness into your life.

I don’t mean to just throw slander at a man that’s homosexual just for being that, but a newspaper statement from America’s Top Presidential Tranny and Leading corporate homosexual does not give me any confidence that Apple computers are private. Don’t mean to break your balls Timmy. But I’m fairly certain that every photo, every video I shoot on my Apple is monitored in next to real-time by US based intelligence agencies. I don’t mean to overstate my importance. But I have a number of experiences where with all medias on my Apple devices i’m sure there are 3rd parties looking in.

What would you think if you learned that states like America and corporations like Google were building control systems that operated purely in the realms of light. And that as your children grow into the light as we all should they may encounter low flying spirits. Low flying beings that **both** Invade their personal space through stalking activity wherever they travel in this terrestrial realm and take from their mind and spirit for broad public psychological harassment. These are really scary topics and topics that are yet to be explored in great detail. It gets to the point where you do have to ask yourself how God intends to allow us to grow in his realm and what the intention of other nefarious forces is for our growth.

The way that the Jew seeks to control us is to poison both the inner light and the outer light. So everyone knows that when you pick up the news paper it’s a bunch of low bile spewed out by wanna be Free-Gay-sons designed to bonk you in the brains. But they also go to great lengths to poison your inner light. So everything around you is pure fuckery. And everything that is said about you is pure fuckery. Pure lies, gross extrapolations.

So they are some of the systems that America’s corporate cults operate and the systems that they are building.

Where can America’s Jewish death cults be found?

  • The Car Industry
  • The Food industry
  • IT and Tech
  • Travel
  • Government
  • Sport

What specific corporations employ Death Cult tactics & symbology?
– Tesla
– Google / Alphabet
– Facebook / Instagram
– Apple
– Nike

So I almost can’t write these words for every product. But If you have an intelligent Google device in your house you are at higher risk of violent assault, if you drive in a Tesla, same. If you have a Tesla driver in your street the same. The workings of the minds of the men behind these corporations is what puts you at risk. Their sicknesses are encoded in their own works for all who seek to open their eyes and look. Yet still they wield immense power in our nations.

One has to ask Oneself – If a German Forest can not stop the progression of a Company who is literally named after a death god then do Germany’s leaders really care about the future of our Christian Children? What chance will they have when even the automobiles parked on their streets are built with malicious intent toward them.

America’s presence in our lands is at a point where we need to put in under extreme scrutiny. For this reasons we have put all Americans travelling in our lands under defence execution orders. Such that if they attempt to manipulate our politics, our institutions toward their ends we are authorised to remove them from our institutions with force.

Americans have grown up in the land of freedom but in their indulgence of freedoms have forgotten of their obligations. The Corporate Coalface of America, instead of appearing to us as an enticing product purchase or maybe even future corporate career – looks much more like a well Coordinated Anti Christian Curse Cult. Of the sickness that has been in the mind of Americas men, all of these thoughts now encoded into to fabric of their very creations. If we are to care about the future of Christian Children – The deep sociopathic workings of America’s Corporate Cursing Culture needs to be undone. The intricate etheric control systems that are being rolled out by American corporations need to be destroyed. And those allowed to enter God’s realm will once again be selected by God alone. Not the crack-a-jack policing forces of a nation that has allowed sickness to conquer their minds. The Mosaic of Mighty Masonic America now a mere Myth. Their lodges only fit to fabricate tranny troopers. But un-willing & un-capable of caring for the future of our Christian Children.

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