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Announcing the Sale of Cook.TV

Just a quick announcement to say that earlier in the year we traded Cook.TV for ballpark $4000 AUD.

That name was acquired by me at the .TV premium auctions when the TLD moved away from the premium model.

Beautiful name and you can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be a bunch of fun producing it.

Anyways, the thing I want to tell you about that sale is that within two weeks 80% of the sale was spent back in with other traders as I made 3 – 4 seperate after market acquisitions from the income from that sale.

One of the other names Ive been getting bites on Guys, which Id like to hit 5 figures for or close to.
Is Maldives.TV. If you are American, keep in mind that was one of the few nations that let you guys in since Covid hit. So if you have hotel investments in that region, a quality name worth its weight in…..well no probably worth more than that to be honest.

More Soon. ForeignPolicy.TV

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