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Beating up on big tech – Is my chastising of Google a ‘Reach to Replace’ Play.

This is going to be a really important post. Because it will provide tangible conclusions by completion.

In my life. I try to be a good boy. You. Might not agree but I try.

But time to time. Ill share some of my logics. That make me tick in the room upstairs. So you can decide if there is justice in my logic.

So one of the ways I try to be as a human is not nepotist. If that is a word. I try not to be that.

And example for proof. I worked for the virgin group. And I did after I worked for them use some of their services. Didn’t work out in the end.

But I never ran along to a virgin bank and for example say. Please give me a business loan. My senses probably presumed their loans were expensive.

But I also don’t do that as a rule. “I know them therefore they will give me something”. I seek out different patterns in life. I try not to take generously.

And if you look at the big picture. Look at Air Asia. There are rumours they are going down kind of like virgin air. So That CEO of Air Asia is A Branson Buddy. So maybe Nepotistic networks don’t pay off long term. Maybe you are best off searching for success in the random patterns of life?

What I wanted to teach about my logics is I try not to use force to just replace one thing with another.

An Example.

Banking. It’s a sensitive issue for all people. What is the force that decides if a man operates a corner stall or a mega-mall?

So is it going to be beefin that gets you being into the box seat on that one? Thats not my way. I don’t hold that to be true. So I don’t Try and push a jew out of the banks so I can then administer a bunch of banks. Thats hypocrisy. The fiat system is evil therefore go away and let me Run the banks. Make sense? No.

Politics is a lot of that. That leader is no good so push them and I become leader.

Instead of ‘Reach to Replace’ logics. I try and think deep to find alternate solutions. For banking. I say. I don’t want a bunch of money. I want a bunch of good living. Im not ashamed to say that I want to experience all of gods realm I’ve always wanted to live a full life.

But really why I’m writing this is to talk to you about the reach to replace logic and big tech. Should we beat up on Google to replace them with our own tools?

In some ways kind of. But I have a lot of frustration in my life because I love my work. Our elders were were really not that sincere with us in supporting us With what we want to build. So I have 20 years of pouring myself into a career. Still have not been able to build anything particularly effective. Strange things happen on that journey.

For example at some points you say ‘Capital is the way to go’ – I just built decoded light which is kind of fun and i’m just saying. Fuck capital. Fuck offices. Fuck Contracts. I think in the long run I will become so used to building things that If I can build it I will use it for my own fun more than anything.

The other force is though……just like I was telling the guys doing hip hop albums in America, God only has so much time for guns. Its like the light barrel analogy I used.You get spun around and around and around and it checks if you have guns.

Well that is happening to my with my computer. I did this video A while back and I was saying how I smoked a joint. And it just pulled my conscious out of my computer into nature. Well that is happening a lot more. I am getting pulled into Gods world more than the computer world. I like the tech behind the internet and computers. But what we will find in the long run. Is that if you were Born on this earth. The payload that God was protecting. Is you. You are what he wanted. What he will be doing with us now. Is paying attention to what the of world he wants us to build.

So taking on Google for the sake of running Google…..forget google. In the long run we will find what god gave us in the room upstairs is much greater than all of Google servers combined. So Im at fault sometimes. I push too much into the computer world. I want success in the computer world. But more and more God is telling me, he just wants us.

So Im not hassling Google because I want to be Bigger than Google. Im at Googles throat because they have been involved in criminal violent conduct in the lands of Australia. They are not good enough to be operating in these lands.

What we will find in Australia is that our big tech is a bit different to Americas. Maybe a bit alternative. But companies that operate here will succeed if they are trusted. Not if they achieve their ends through occult means.

We have been envious of Google Because of its size. Sometimes these corporates are again also testing zones. But again Guys. We get envious of Google because we hear about the perks the tech workers get. We see their flashy offices. But what God really wanted was the computers in our head. If you are any person on earth who has been taken care of by your parents, your schools, your families and friends – thats what was being taken care of. The big server farm between your ears. Because thats what God uses to make his new world.

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