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Despicable Me Creators, Investors and Actors all covered by defence execution orders.

The purpose of these defence execution orders is to have the people involved in Despicable me removed from both Australia’s political and geographical landscape. This document will outline why the orders are being put in place and what activity these cults have engaged in in Australia.

  • For making payments to cult figures implicated in spiritual crimes across the last generation that have not yet faced trial for their crimes.
  • For using media to force upon children inappropriate sexual topics.
  • For seeking to place future generations under a curse in-line with cult cursing activity we have exposed in our own works.
  • For exploiting data on educational media devices to stalk, track and harass individuals.
  • For using broadcast media techniques to prematurely manipulate children’s sexuality for the sake of cult political aims.
  • For engaging in business relations with corporations involved in cult war crimes being they actual violent war crimes or etheric spiritual war crimes.
  • For indulging in an intergenerational culture of cursing and producing works intended to curse beings who follow a christian path.
  • Indulging in sexual occultism that breeds surgical and medical suffering amongst christian communities.

Because of the severity of these crimes all individuals that are connected to the despicable me franchise are covered by execution orders. These are not our typical self defence execution orders. They are more aggressive orders that aim to stop the beings behind despicable me from engaging in more crimes in Australia. Such that any universal studios rep or associated lawyers or business personnel may be removed from a situation if they attempt to excerpt political influence on that situation. If they resist removal from the situation our people are authorised to execute them.

All financial transactions, business relationships, business decisions and political activity related to these crimes will be deeply investigated. For Example universal studios financial relationship with phenomena such as HIV AIDS will be deeply investigated. Such that we will need to ascertain if manipulating Australian Children’s sexuality would benefit them by creating an ecosystem of cyclical birth of behaviour then profiteering from murder.

Despicable me is laden with masonic symbolism. However it is us that have judged the masonic orders and it is likely that the creators of despicable me get their resource from the last generations crimes. It is not for us to be stalked and targeted by corporations that are still implicated in monstrous occult crimes that occurred before we were even born. We haven’t been given the opportunity to get our feet off the ground. This is the way that it should always be on our earth. That if crimes are committed in corporations before your time. Then those corporations must face their justice first. Disney Corporation are implicated in monstrous crimes. We are yet to see the outcomes of their justice being served.

My decoding work of despicable me is coming to an end. One thing I measure the value of a production on is truth. By that measure, despicable me stinks of feces. So what will we do now, expect to find great truths in their next productions? They wont be undoing their lies. The Jew cults never do. So we don’t ever expect to find truth there. They have been given their chance and abused it. And all they have produced is a guide book to get a bunch of jew snakes slithering, lying ducking dodging and deceiving.

Thats not how we operate in our nations. We seek to achieve our success by honest means even if our success is humble. Our knowledge of the works of others around us are not gathered by covert means. We will know them by their works but we will not peer into their privacy while they undertake their works. Despicable me have exploited us in so many ways and as a consequence all actors, voice over staff, animators and producers / investors in the despicable me series are covered by execution orders until the crimes associated with their production are investigated and tried.

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