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Digital Decree #30 Saudi Participation in Vice activity completely prohibited in UK

Saudi Bin Arabs
Saudi Bin Arabs

Im writing a few more decrees to handle the situation on Saudi Arabia.

All I can tell you is my vibe. My kind of Guess or Expectation is that at some point in the coming months we are going to receive a confirmation on the ends of the Afghanistan war. As that happens I am going to make some forward leaning decrees to endeavour to end that. And Endeavour to end it gracefully on our lands and theirs.

I wanted to give you a example of vice activity in the UK I think applies to Saudi men. Im using the word vice which is very broad and very flexible just to refer to activity that my be superfluous in the UK just now. So for Saudi Corporates I think a good example to paint a picture of the vice Im generally pointing at is sports gambling. I think it is likely there will be Saudi Corps in this activity in England that is currently not critical for the ongoing livelihood of English people.

What I will be decreeing soon is a much more complete separation between these two nations. Im wise enough to say – Every Nation you can name that has been in Afghanistan is in that war out of ignorance. There is no changing the origin of the conflict. But we can change the end point and what I will be decreeing is to minimise violence and negative fall out in our own lands. I don’t want to see pointless hate toward muslims simmering on our own populations. The sooner we can get people to understandings of what is happening around them with the correct historical context and the context of where we are going from and to, the sooner people will have peace with in their being.

It is really shitty for me. I don’t want to be positioning ourselves against all Muslims. The fact is that Saudi Arabia is really the capital of that. I don’t have any personal problem with muslims. It is what Im decoding that teaches me who has been responsible for violent attacks in Australia against my person.

So from the time of publishing all Saudi Corporate Vice activity is prohibited. Corporations Can be Closed.

I had nothing to do with starting this war. It takes my energy to stop it. Im considering that muslim nations may contain vested interests in having wars continue. For that reason I am going to be making harsh divisions between our nations and Saudi Arabia. With the hope it may be a viable angle in finalising war.

Our nations will end to cease war and have the energy that is consumed by it invested in the future of our people.

As a consequence All Saudi Vice Activity operating in our Lands needs to be wound up right away.

I will conclude with a christian certainty. That no being that wishes to have dominion over their nations has it, if their nations are tied up in wars that they had never wished to be a part of.

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