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Foreign Policy TV To Begin Investigating Firms Practicing Usury In Australia

I wrote a few posts the other week where I was trying to explain the feeling to people of separating yourself from a con. That I found it amazing how much bullshit I have to try and remove myself from living in Australia. I literally wrote 2 posts but still didn’t get the point across.

What I will say to try and clarify is this. One of the major parts of my work will be breaking down curse systems. Aggressively. I see that in our life we need to make way for the new generations and in Australia and the UK the previous generations have not been strong enough or smart enough to care for our own futures. So a big part of my future work will be breaking down curse systems that effect our peoples Quality of life in our nations.

With all of this COVID Nonsense going on. Im feeling a bit of extra space that I can use it to expand my work. One of the areas I will be focusing on over the coming weeks is is corporations practicing Usury against Australians. As I am dealing with these issues in my own life I will bring some of that into my media work.

I think some of the work I did on Super was an eye opener and I will see what I find in my dealings with loan companies over the coming weeks.

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