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Google Street Car Notice Period Expired – Google Staff outside office areas covered by open Execution orders.

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Street View

Notice provided to Google Street Cars in Australia has now expired. The Google Corporation is a corporation whose operations are no longer welcome in Australia. Initially they will be prohibited from running any type of on street operations. In essence prohibited from operating outside of corporate offices. Any being in Australia regardless of age or nationality are given open execution permissions on Google staff that travel outside of their offices in vehicles such as street cars.

Google street cars are no longer authorised to operate in Australia and If for example you need to drop a steel shaft from a highway overpass in order to purge this cult from our lands for the sake of your own safety you are entirely authorised to do so. There are two primary reasons we are providing these execution orders.

1. Googles chasing harassing and involvement in the Gun Point sex assault of Australian Children.

2. Googles connection with USA Based curse cults.

Any being harassed, chased or stalked by Google automobiles is authorised to.
– Stop the Automobile in its place
– Remove the driver and call for it to leave.
– Destroy the Vehicle
– Execute the driver in its driving seat and terminate the vehicles operations.

Given the extreme nature of the crimes Google have been involved in Australia we are obligated to give these orders.

Google have failed in their attempt to operate as a corporation in Australia. Their street cars now operate in service to cults that work against the wellbeing and interests of Australians. Their ongoing street operations pose a safety risk to men, women and children in Australia.

It is my recommendation that families that have family members working in street cars advise them to seek employment with alternative corporations.

Once again In the short term Google will be prohibited from operating outside of office space in Australia. In the long term their operations will be completely prohibited in Australia. The same destiny will await all US corporations or entities that wave guns at people in pursuit of power.

If communities experience ongoing assaults that are linked back to Google Technology or Google devices, we will be issuing orders that allow local communities to empty any or all Google staff from office spaces.

The way the technology roll outs in Australia will work in the future will be such that no foreign corporation will be authorised full access to Australia at federal level. 100% of technology roll outs will be staged across community boundaries. So for a technology to succeed in Australia it will have to start operating successfully in one region and get an approval and then progressively roll out to other regions. These roll out will need to get approval from Indigenous and Pacific Islander elders. So again for technology to succeed in Australia it will be a progressive roll out across the leaders of European communities in Australia in traditional administration positions + Native elders and communities.

These processes will not be designed to generate kick-back opportunities for community leaders. They will be designed to give community leaders genuine exposure to commercial and technology activity in Australia. Genuine exposure to business process and decision processes in Australia.

Companies that seek fast growth and fast roll outs may find this frustrating. Australia and Australian people are not of the nature to desire Bureaucracy. But there are obviously people in federal government in Australia that think they have rights to give Australia to whom ever they desire. They don’t. Processes such as this will help Australians connect to the commercial world, own a stake in what is rolled out in Australia and make connections to businesses and become involved in different companies and technologies.

Googles technology roll out in Australia has been a failure. Their out-of-office drivers are covered by open execution orders. Australians need to be aware that streets that have street cars operating in them are exposed to significantly higher risk of child-sexual assault, gun point assault, robbery and harm.

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