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Google Street Cars Given 30 Days Operating Notice in Australia – Operations to be prohibited.

Street View
Street View

Today The Google Alphabet corporation are being given 30 days notice to wind up their street car operations in Australia. The Google Alphabet corporation that is now associated with the pre-meditated gun point rape of Christain Children in Australia are no longer permitted to operate in these lands. Once the 30 day notice period has expired citizens are given authority to:

  • Delay
  • Stop
  • Damage
  • Destroy

All Google Street Vehicles.

After the 30 day period has expired defence execution orders apply against all Google operated vehicles including any Google Vehicle carrying monitoring or recording equipment of any nature.

In the event that communities wish to stop and destroy an automobile the driver should be removed and asked to leave the scene. If the driver puts up any resistance our people are authorised to put them down with lethal force.

Communities need to be informed that streets that have Google Cars operating in them have a significantly higher risk of children be subjected to violent sex attacks from members of the Google corporation.

All communities in Australia including Anglo Celtic / European, Indigenous, Islander + African & Asian Migrants are granted protection in the defence from Googles operations and in any event that actions need to be taken against the vehicles, innocent victims of the Google corporations activities rights will be prioritised first.

Within the coming days we will be expanding our self defence execution orders to include Google Staff, Investors and private contractors associated with the corporation.

When it comes to legal restitution related to loss for Googles Business activities, Google have no rights in Australia. Their operations are to cease regardless of costs or impacts to their services. Due to their penchant for gun point sex assault, Google/Alphabet operations that put children in harms way will be terminated.

The service gap that this termination of operations brings can allow business activity to flow to other businesses that have a better track record of working in Australia.

Google Alphabet is a $900bn dollar corporation. It won’t go away over night. But we do know this. The corporation has no future in Australia with it’s now documented connection to pre-meditated gun point sex assaults of innocent young Australian Children.

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