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How Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and the Qantas Corporation confirmed they are complicit in acts of Child Rape and Human Sacrifice.

Qantas Alan Joyce
Qantas Alan Joyce

Qantas may have never had an air crash. But they recently crashed and burned in a media appearance featuring their CEO Alan Joyce.

In a recent news bite Joyce described a recent Qantas accomplishment as comparable to “Flying to the moon”.

While this comment may seem trivial and innocent it is in fact far from trivial and was by no means said as a random language expression.

We as humanity need to be conscious of all of the words that we say, especially when we are perpetuating them to an entire nation through broadcast media. The particular analogy used by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was surely scripted. It appeared as if he was repeating lines that were fed to him and that these lines were fed to him by his higher ups. So what Joyce was essentially doing was perpetuating a Magical working that was undertaken by individuals who were sinister beyond comprehension and a working that should be well and truely dead.

So what is so sinister about perpetuating the moon landing narrative, which was clearly Qantas’s intention in this case.

The so called NASA Apollo mission is not what it appears to be on the surface. The next generation on youtube are keenly aware that the moon landing was a fraud. But it goes beyond being just fraud.

It was a fraud that took billions of dollars from tax payers, was inprintinted on the consciousness of millions and deceived millions about the nature of reality.

When you study the occult works of Stanley Kubrick who was involved in the production of this fraud or any of the multitude of people who dissect his works you find the following things.
– The people who got Kubrick involved in the false moon landings were involved in Paedophilia (Child Rape).
– The Apollo moon missions entailed acts of occult pre-meditated human sacrifice.
– Kubrick himself felt that these events lead to massive blood shed in events such as the Vietnam War.

What we should seek to know is who exactly is it that Alan Joyce is reporting to that are requesting that he perpetuate works that entail acts of pedophilia and human sacrifice? Why would Qantas and Alan Joyce want to perpetuate the works of forces that think human sacrifice on earth is acceptable?

Why is it that there seems to be a connection with the aerospace industry and these monumental acts of fraud, theft and deception?

But the connections to child rape, Qantas and fraud in Australia run deeper and are very real and current. In weeks past Australian Political figure Michaelia Cash announced that the government would be contributing 47 Million dollars of Taxpayer money to the Aerospace industry under the guise of NASA a moniker that in Hebrew means deception.

That number, 47 is in itself Masonic and related to the union of the numbers 23 and 24 and represents the union of heaven and earth. Why is such masonic symbolism being used to perpetuate frauds and deceptions that have already been seen on earth before? Why are politicians at all levels not up in arms about such massive embezzlement of the peoples wealth taking place in Australia’s government.

It is clear that Cult Masonic figures are targeting Australians that are easy to manipulate along the lines of vanity, ignorance and greed and then using these figures to defraud the community as a whole.

Why is the health and well being of Australian citizens being compromised by cult entities that take the peoples money and funnel it into the Aerospace industry? Is there a concentration of fraud and criminality in that particular industry that needs to be more deeply investigated?

We would encourage Australian media to dig deeper into both the Aerospace Industry and Qantas Corporation to ascertain as to why they are so complicit with acts of Fraud and deception and violence.

And as for Alan Joyce, aside from Australia digging deeper into who is providing him his scripts and who he is reporting to, what we should expect first and foremost is an apology for the lack of consideration in his words and actions.

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