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It is time to take a stand against big fast food and their presence in our nations.

Big Fast Food
Big Fast Food

For years I have meditated on the occult meanings of various fast food brands to get an understanding of the intention of their operations.

In Australia these fast food chains are such vast networks that it is reasonable to say they actually influence the character of our lands. Is what they are building on our lands positively intentioned?

If you take the colour of the McDonalds logo for example, the colour combinations produce orange. The most common masonic colour coding implying false angel. So if you look at McDonald’s as a place to get a fast cheap convenient meal, that’s not what the people who operate McDonald’s think. They know and they know well that what they are selling you is not good food and not what you should be eating.

It took me ages to figure out the ploy behind KFC. Then my numerology game got strong and I could see. KFC is basic numerology code for a gate way to saturn. So they also know they are not selling you a meal that is meant to sustain you, make you healthy and strong.

In Australia Dominos Pizza Employs occult colour coding that implies unholiness. Ill leave the examples of occult fast food branding there. But you are beginning to see a pattern.

When you look at the statement of the common claim that earth is run by the most violent amongst us, well corporations like McDonalds use factory automation to enslave and mass slaughter cattle. And as if that is not enough to gratify them they likewise exploit their employees, probably engage in a bunch of legal and financial fraud via markets. It’s not really a corporation who’s growth is being accomplished by viable sustainable means.

So now that we know that the corporates behind these chains to not have our wellbeing in mind what are the broader reasons that we should be challenging their presence and what should we be seeking to bring forward in their place?

Some time ago in a youtube video I proposed or suggested that the mass consumption of meat in Australia was part of an intentional cult working. Since making that claim I have proven this to be so just by observing local television news. You will notice that all of the local events that promote meat consumption are blue lodge operated events. This means that those involved know well that involving humans in meat consumption on a daily basis which is the habit of many Australian families is not good for you at all. In fact I would imagine that they know what it does and that it is spiritually numbing. It very much fits in with what we labeled in our last post as curse culture. Commercial activity, marketing and media communication activity structured and intended to keep humans in a low spiritual state.

The other point that I think needs to be made is that if we as humans can not understand that it is not fitting to breed, keep and slaughter cattle in an constant ongoing manner, then it is likely we will forget that this is not an appropriate condition to keep humans. And this is exactly what we have uncovered in our medical work. Cyclical murder, where certain bodies breed certain behaviours in our society and profit from the birth and death all the way along the cycle. What we have to do when we see that, is simply break the cycles. So we might say that Animal Agriculture will not go away, but where it exists in our society we will be so comfortable with the quality and length of life that the animals have that at some level it would be accepted. But ultimately the solution is to control our own desires and diets so that markets in this area vastly contract.

So fast food chains operate in our nations with the wrong intent toward all who consume their food. They tell you it is saturn right in the branding. What we need to do as a society is make conditions for such firms operating increasingly more challenging while loosening constraints for independent hard working Australian firms that produce healthy options that people can buy with out being concerned with the occult intent of what they are eating.

For Mcdonald’s adding a few vegan meals to their menu is not going to allow them to escape the commercial or spiritual liabilities of subjecting God’s animals to automated production and slaughter across generations. We smell flimsy PR.

We will be advocating for change both in terms of food options that are presented to consumers at high volume traffic locations in Australia, and for rapid change in government activity that makes conditions for low quality fast food viable in Australia.

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