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Network 10 connected to use of stalking technologies that jeopardise Australian lives.


The purpose of this post is to disclose the corporate entities that have been involved in some of the stalking and harassment activity around me in the months past.

The first thing I will say is I don’t watch these television stations. I have elderly parents and while I pass their TV I get a sense of the calibre and depth of their commentary. I have a keen eye for clean vs dirty light.

So I started decoding some of their stories and after a while I started decoding them back to me. This is what I call syncing a decode (A topic I will be writing about shortly). All of their news stories are masonically encoded. For quite a few weeks I just ignored it. A lot of the things they were saying were petty gossip and I really don’t care if that’s how people want to spend their time or focus their energy. Then one day I got the distinct impression they were running camera’s in our home and around our property. There were certain stories and certain angles that couldn’t be taken without indoor cameras and audio recording equipment.

So the next thing that I’m going to say is – I really don’t care how they are doing this. I am not going to go searching for cameras. I never aspire to have access to or operate such technology for our peoples interests. I think there are better ways that we can succeed in life. Just the same as me being assaulted in a local police office. Our natural human instinct is to seek revenge – but I can assure you as I age I am not going to be targeting families to assault for the sake of cursing others. I seek to destroy lowness through continued and focused creation and conveyance of goodness. These petty tech stalker roaches can keep their tech.

Channel 10 as a commercial entity are implicated in acute crimes that put our and the wellbeing of our families at extreme risk. All employees, investors and directors of these corporations need to be put under close investigation for the technology that they are using.

Employees of network 10 should be prohibited from dealings with governmental employees and police and through violation of basic decency in our nations have lost the privilege of access.

The 10 network’s crimes are many but include treachery against the natural leaders of the lands of earth. As a consequence of their crimes the all corporate entities associated with the 10 network need to be dissolved. The Directors of 10 need to be investigated and we need to get a grasp of the implications the technology they are using will have on Australian communities in the future.

We advise all corporate bodies to cease expending advertising budgets with the 10 network.

As for the people doing newscasting on 10 – you can’t accuse these people of technological harassment because at the end of the day for all I know they are only reading a script. But my advice would be that all people who read scripts should know in their heart whether that script is good, true and honest. The scripts that are being read by these newscasters has gotten so horrible that the story being told reeks of corruption. So if you can’t figure that out in your heart I would suggest that you try because if the people come to figure that you are taking payment to enforce and support corrupt regimes in Australia I won’t be here to protect you when the people decide it is time to administer justice.

In this post I am not going to cover the stalking technologies in use in Australia – but in later posts we will cover it in detail as they are more advanced than this post outlines.

One thing that needs to be made explicitly clear to occultists and media Entities that in our culture it is perfectly acceptable to understand Saturn, to study it and even communicate about it. But our God is a Jealous God. It is fairly evident that there are many amongst us Venerating Saturn. And beyond worshipping Saturn it appears that they are fabricating Saturn – enforcing it and imposing it on beings. This is far from acceptable and those who do choose to study the bible and do endeavour to get an understanding of god and his creation and how to interact with it have no need to consider what the outcomes may be for those who seek to impose Saturn upon us.

Network 10 are part of redundant crime cartels that need to be dissolved for participation in the betrayal of a generation of Australians. Their ongoing operations put our families and futures at risk.

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