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New Commercial Project Announcement

Its been age since Ive written something like this. Can’t Rest too much…need to keep thinking about how Stu’s gonna pay them thrills.

I have had a bunch of revelation on where Im going to take some of ourĀ  longer lasting commercial projects like Vape.TV. I won’t bother talking about that stuff.

I just wanted to announce a new concept that I have really never considered before but I will now make it part of my work flow.

Im going to build a ongoing marketplace for all of my startups that either succeed or fail.

Im not going to be selling them as ‘Companies’ Or “Businesses’

Im just going to sell like the website / brand name for a pre determined price.

For example I Might put small retail projects I develop up for $1000 – $3000. Give the buyer some stats And try and make it a quick turn around.

Some of my bigger projects I might try for a bigger exit. $50,000 – $100,000. And some that Show promise…..Much Higher.

So That is going to be one of my major projects this year. Essentially developing a sales outlet and pipeline for the work I am already creating. There are a couple of sites on the web that do this. I figured it would be easy enough to manage it myself.

That will be live in the next few months and Will be developed at DigitalMarketing.TV.

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