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Public Warning on News Corp And Fox Corp Media Broadcast Crime Cartel.

News Corp
News Corp

This is a public warning on agents of the Fox Media corporation and the News Corp that if agents of these corporations engage in

  • Acts of Theft.
  • Acts of Violence. 
  • Acts of broadcast deception.
  • Acts of Simulation in public places that may put people at risk of harm.
  • Pre mediated targeting of individuals based on blood line, family history or political position. 

Individuals and families are authorised to defend themselves with lethal force against these corporations who have conducted themselves in a sociopathic way towards our humanity. These corporate bodies have a history of practicing pre-meditated assault. We believe they are part of well organised dark cults that practice the suppression and debasement of humanity.

We believe in their own media comprehensive records will be held containing acts of Fraud, deceptions and human corruption. 

They are directly responsible for attempted pre meditated Genocide in the lands of Australia by targeting individuals based on blood line and family history. This targeting of European individuals parallels with reported targeting of indigenous tribal elders in lands such as Canada that is said to have come from Corporate bodies.

These corporations are also directly linked to the medical genocide that has transpired across earth through the prohibition of Cannabis for decades. We believe that historical records will show these corporations compliance with this genocide.

Further to this we advise all corporations that enter into or maintain commercial contracts with these corporations are also likely be drawn into the narrative of crimes against humanity and genocide that News Corporation have been a part of. 

In a statement Sovereign Stuart Andrew Said:
It is my duty to ensure that the lands of Europe, Australia and The United States remain civil enough for families to raise children in and citizens to lead normal free lives. Through my own direct experience with the agents of these corporations I can confirm that they are willing to conduct themselves in a sociopathic fashion toward humanity. Families who experience violence at the hands of agents of these corporations should defend themselves with lethal force. The advice I would give to families or individuals when dealing with agents of these corporations is do not allow yourself to be seized by them, defend yourself with lethal force as my experience with their agents resulted in violence, total loss of civil liberties and it felt to me as attempted murder. Defend yourselves from agents of these corporations with lethal force and we believe more victims of these individuals will come forward and their track record against our humanity will become clear.

Of more concern than the experience I had with these people, is the sense we get that there are forces attempting to condition us to believe the low calibre of their conduct is to be accepted and normalised in Australia. It is not to be. People who conduct themselves in such a fashion are to be identified and aggressively expelled. 

Also concerning is that in time the violence I experienced may be amplified and as I experienced a forced DNA sample being pulled from my skull, amplified loss of civil liberties may include acts such as forced medication or injecting of substance that may be part of targeted murdering of civilians.

We encourage international courts and legal systems to take into account the criminal history of these corporations in the event that families or individuals are required to defend themselves from their criminal conduct. 

The Fox Corporation and News Corp are part of Cartels directly accountable for attempted murder and attempted intergenerational genocide. They are involved in use of rape against individuals within correctional facilities and present a direct threat to Australia families that are part of their occult targeting.

We are also obligated to issue warnings to leaders of schools and government bodies that inviting agents of these corrupt corporations into your premises you may later be associated with a cartel implicated directly in acts of Genocide.

We believe that the leaders of these corporations are engaged in pacts with dark forces that practice occult murder, consciousness suppression and sinister occult magic designed to derail our humanity. They pose a direct threat to Australian people and people in all countries in which they operate.  

We do not encourage citizens to act in violence or vengeance, but to defend themselves by any means when encountering agents of these corporations. 

Employees of the Fox corporation also need to be warned that they are in the employ of an organised crime cartel and their actions while working in the employ of this cartel carry risks.

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