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Oil Mining and Petrol Distillation is Elemental Chaos Death Magic. 

This is an extension of the previous writing on Oil refining.

Im sure when people read my post proclaiming that Oil is Unholy…….few were surprised. Was it like

An awakening moment for you?

Stu reckons oil is no good?


You knew that already?

Well what was happening in my head was……….

I was coming to terms with me figuring out at the essence of what they are doing there in Fukushima……

It is an Energetic Deception.

So I went for a walk when summer started coming through. 30K’s on about my 3rd day.

Thats pretty reasonable hey? Have to be a healthy man to walk 30Ks.

But its a funny thought to have. Im begging the universe to leave me the fuck alone so I can go for a walk.

Gasoline is the last of my concerns. Im praying that we can live in lands decent enough so we actually go for a walk.

But in that brain fuck of a conundrum. That these people are soooooo stupid. That they are trying to sell oil into our lands.

But making our lives so horrible, we can’t even go for a drive….or take a walk. Who needs oil?

When you contemplate on this topic that the earth is flat. First thing you do. Hit the Jew Tube. And You will find a bunch of Indian dudes Like contemplating on the topic whilst simultaneously running science class experiments for the camera to demonstrate to you the concepts Of Density and buoyancy.

Do you remember in one of my pictures I referenced that dude “Enslaved By No Media”. I liked that guys videos because he had more Of a conspiracy brain than me. Thats a fuckin accomplishment in itself. Anyways he used to pull up a bunch of conspiracies I had never even considered.

Which kind of made me take a shine to the guy. Sometimes he was just like a moaning teenager. But he was pissing and moaning about the size Of the fuel tanks in Gas Cars. Saying that they haven’t changed In generations. This is just youngsters being born into a world that they can figure is well corrupt With insufficient effort being made toward change.

Hans Wormhat did a video talking of the car industry and how you its an industry that consumes human beings. People actually enter car sales person contracts in the USA and come out in debt. So as an industry cars have turned into a big purple people eater.

Ill cut straight to the chase now. And Ill get to the point of explaining how oil refinement is easily definable as Chaos Death Magic. So carbon is essential dense matter. If you form the fairly simplistic view of the universe that the heavy stuff sinks and the light stuff floats up.

Carbon is the heavy stuff. Its 666 heavy stuff. Study the carbon Molecule. You are going to see 666. So all these oil guys are doing is drilling up the deadest heaviest dirties matter they can find. Processing and refining it into materials that can combust efficiently. And then selling it. Sure many of the men who serve this industry are compartmentalised slaves. They don’t know the processes. They just do their job. But the wisdom I have on this industry came from a little research and a lot of meditation. After about 4 – 5 days of focusing on I was like…..Oh I get it.

The be pulling up heavy dead shit. Burning it for energy. And filling the air with smoke. Sounds clever? Not really.

So when you contemplate on this process and technology you can see that it is really not possible for the people who develop the technology to NOT understand exactly what you are doing. Industries of the scale that have developed running on this tech are dumb. They have developed by brains that are for the most part lazy. But don’t rule out pure malice and sinister intent in the production and placement of so many petroleum combustion engines in our lands. In fact as I was involved in the study of what they call “Chem Trails” – I saw people claim that there were cults that were so dark they aimed to see our cities as always dark holes covered with exhaust fumes. To claim that their are people who are sick enough to desire seeing these things manifest on earth is not so out there considering they already have. Take Bangkok City for Example.

So to take a heavy dense material that is evidently connected to darkness and death and the establish great broadly distributed operations to burn that material and place it in the skies around our towns and cities would require.

  • Accute Ignorance
  • Malicious Intent
  • Pure Evil

In creating this technology….by the time you get to actually doing it…..You would know exactly what you are doing. Meaning most likely men with long stints in oil are motherfuckers of humans. As in long stints in the tech of petrol combustion engines, oil drilling and refinement.

Like I said…..I did a little research on this tech…..Then meditated for a few days and went……..Oh I get it……

In fact our people have been building similar tech to produce Scotch for centuries.
Distillation and refinement seem like similar processes so realistically our people have been playing with it for hundreds of years.

I bet your bottom buckeroo that a solid percentage of the distilleries located in our home land are owned by Japanese Businesses.

I wonder If when the Japanese People Bought those businesses they knew that they were dealing with peoples so practices in occultism and secrecy that when we discovered that the same people who were buying our old stills were both abusing the technology, abusing the wisdom and using that abuse of the technology and wisdom to abuse our person. That there would be serious consequences for such foolish conduct.

Oil Mining and Refinement is really dumb technology. They are pulling up evil. And using it for our energy. They know what they are doing. And they are involved in that business Not for the provision of our convenience on earth. They operate the industry with the hope of bringing Chaos to earth. No knowledgable man operating with this technology could NOT know how harmful it is.

When in Masonry we say Order out of Chaos. Well…..My feeling has always been we don’t and can’t get away with hiding behind Chaos if that crouching posture is all that graces us with our living. Thats not the game we are in. The fact of the matter is we have to elevate our being so we bring the order to the Chaos. Yes, the Oil industry is ALL ABOUT CHAOS. Yes i’m telling you again. Yes they know exactly what they are doing to our peoples and our earth and our lands.

So feel no sympathy for people who have practiced evil & malice on earth. They know exactly what they have done. And they know exactly what the consequence of having done it will be.

And know that as a human being, if you feel like your life you have been thrown around in a wave of chaos, well in a world with good people, good men. The world won’t seem like Chaos. A Fog can emerge if we do allow the world to be run by corporate forces, even foreign nations who have their personal interests before Gods way on their mind. But Again rest assured if you feel like you live in a world that is just a bunch of unruly beasts pushing to be the first to grub down, first to extend that hand for their salary, their cut. The fact of the matter is that that actually isn’t the nature of God or the universe. If you invest in God, then you will see the Chaos Disappear.

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