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Our Inner Enemies are in the worst places. Yes we have problems in our food supply chain.

I Can’t for the life of me find it. But I read a quote just a few days ago about letting your enemy into your food supply chain. I wish I could find it. I can’t.

But for sure we have enemies in the food supply chain.

I have written a little about my interest in food production mainly in some of our email campaigns.

In this post Im going to play politics. Oh Boy. Saturnian Symbolism makes alliteration so much harder. Ok then I will not play politics. I will point fingers. Not much better But I think this case its justified because I think that I have so much experience in this particular store that I have felt this, I have known it and I have been meaning to write about it for ages.

I’ve told you guys before that I’ve never been into a masons lodge and never become a mason under any kind of official ceremony. One thing ill share that I find really cool is that one of the ways that I have decoded a lot of the deeper masonic meanings is when people dump shit on you. I figure out the meanings from masonic slander. So it’s hard, they got Millions to throw shit on my name. In fact they employ 100+ to do so. But take some solace that when you throw shit on something it grows. Wonder where I learned that charming analogy. But that is really cool trust me. It sucks in life when you discover just the number of people you don’t even know willing to just take a dump on you. But from that bad attitude i’ve been able to decode a lot that is deep masonic secrecy.

The reason i’m telling you all that stuff is because when a deep masonic working comes down the pipeline take for example COVID-19 – 9/11 whatever you wanna choose. Well through that working we get to learn the way our society operates, what aspects are organised, what aspects are corrupt etc etc.

COVID-19 and the corporate media around it has given really deep insight into Australia’s food networks, how they operate and where I sense there is corruption. Because as that came down all of the action wasn’t just in hospitals it was supermarkets.

In Business people play politics for a reason usually selfish. I remember Dick Smith saying that Aldi usually employ foreign workers. I just didn’t buy it because I’ve never felt it or seen it. We don’t dislike foreign workers in Australia. We just like corporations to give opportunities to Australian leaders and develop Australian leaders. We don’t mind old Dick Smith in Australia I just thought he was talking shit on a company that I believe in some way has brought to Australia through innovative approaches and commercial models some relief to Struggling Aussies.

So Ill share with you some thoughts on Coles – Just another one of the Major Chains in Australia. Sometimes I buy their budget brand stuff if it looks like a good deal. It seems to me like they are putting some thought and effort into those lines. So The way that I think about it is that at least behind the scenes there are business people thinking “We have to make this food cost effective and basically speaking healthy and edible.” Thats their business. We should expect nothing less than that.

But as far as Woolworths goes Ive got really strange things to say about my experiences there.
– Staff being involved in premeditated stalking & Harassment.
– Emergency Services using it as some kind of stalking Sync Point.
– Police Harassment (As a 35 YO Man the Police harassed me in a NSW Woolworths)
– Harassment by Security Guards

Generally speaking targeted stalking can happen anywhere. You can’t blame a company for that. But when you sync a public targeted stalking event to employees etc, you can start to see where there is corruption in Company Culture.

Ill start closing this with why I think there is a problem in company culture in Woolworths. When COVID Came down they were the quickest to put some of these security measures up. Big screens on their checkout which sucks. Decreasing human interaction. And that experience took me straight back to Germany. Where I spent so little time but I have this clear memory of a Customer services person behind a big Glass Screen get cranky at me because I had to take my money out of my pocket.

So the COVID response took me back to Germany which is a Spiritual Basket Case. There has been all sorts of division and violence in Germany for decades. I don’t think we are going to solve our problems the same way as Germany. I think that we are going to be a lot more demanding of immediate action and correction of historical wrongs. Masks and Screens won’t protect us from the real plague.

So there is a bit of politics in this piece guys. I think it is justified. In that particular corporation over others i’ve noticed weirdness all over Australia. I think that businesses like Woolworths need a swift consciousness correction and reminding of what their actual business is. Providing Australians Fresh healthy food. They against all others need reminding of what their core business, purpose and focus in Australia is. Because when it comes to their core focus they are not doing a spectacular Job.

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