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Police Targeted Sexual Assaults of Australian Teenagers link back to Israeli and Jewish leaders.

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In a previous post I referred to a targeted sexual assault I experienced by Australian police in NSW in 2017. After my experience I discovered that it was pre-meditated by Jewish media figures.

Since then the story has expanded such that a raft of Australian teenagers have experienced the same style of assault that I experienced in their cases after attending a music festival. What is not being reported on however is that many of these assaults are highly likely pre meditated and targeted. What is not being reported on is the sophistication of the targeting technologies being employed by the Israeli Cults that operate in Australia. Additionally what is not being reported on is the reason that these assaults are taking place.

If Jewish leaders treat me in this fashion – they don’t have plans of treating your children any better. The reason I say this is because the reason I was assaulted by Jewish Media figures is because they know I am supposed to be a leader of European people. They knew long before I did.

Teenagers that have been attending music festivals in Australia have been taken by police and strip searched with the excuse of Drug searches. But there is much more background as to why it is being done and who is doing it.

In the very near future – I will be publishing some very succinct guidance to Israeli and Jewish Communities in Australia as to what they can expect if their low behaviour continues. For now here is an outline of the technologies that are being used against Australians.

Stalking Technologies:
This is a brief report on some of the technologies Jewish Crime Cults are operating in Australia against individuals.
– Geographical Positioning and targeting tech – they have the ability to stalk you, track you down and run psychological operations on you 24 / 7 and wherever you travel to.
– Geographical Harassment – Once they have been targeting you they engage in geographical based psychological harassment. For example topics you have been searching on will manifest in your consciousness. Because they are psychologically harassing you.
– Psychological Harassment – Common Platforms like Youtube / Facebook are often used as tools by these cults for psychological testing and harassment. Your children may be using facebook as a social network but you may not be aware of the workings of the corporate back end of these companies. My suggestion is the minds that operate these companies have no positive intention toward our humanity let alone your children.
– There are more advanced harassment technologies being used against Australian’s that I will cover separately.

Purpose of Assaults:
– The purpose of the pre meditated assaults is for the sake of spiritual cursing.
– Jewish Bankers have data on the efficacy of such assaults on individuals how they can lead to financial hardship and suicide. It is an act of war against our children and families designed to distress and ultimately kill.
– Perversion – yes I believe some of the sexually oriented assaults on Australian teenagers is done purely for the gratification of police and the individual men in these corporations.

As a consequence of the seriousness of these assaults All Anglo Celtic and European beings in the lands of Europe & Australia are authorised to defend themselves with lethal force from Jewish individuals or those in the employment of Jewish Individuals.

The vast majority of these technologies are developed and maintained in Nations like Israel and are employed by Israeli based tech firms operating in Australia.

What will the outcome of these assaults be in nations like Australia and the UK.
– A raft of new regulations will face Israeli based finance and tech companies.
– Many finance and tech companies will be found as no longer fit to operate in our nations and will be required to leave.
– More breadth and flexibility will be given to Australian entrepreneurs that develop products competing with foreign Tech and Finance firms.
– Individual men that are found to be plotting sexual assaults on Australian festival goers using data from Israeli based social networks could face punishment including jail time and execution. If young Australians come to any harm from these actions – expect men to face the death penalty.

In the coming weeks I will be publishing long-view guidance on future Jewish participation in our societal institutions.

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