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Senior Leadership of Australian Super Funds May be Subjected to Interrogation.

I am publishing this as our first Foreign Policy TV Judgement. That is really just going to be A matter we have been able to come to a conclusion on with out great levels of public discourse.

Australian Super Funds and Regulation Bodies are guilty of Gross abuse and Misuse of Funds. The industry as a mechanism for preparing Australians for Retirement needs to be completely overhauled. This is just one of multiple Australian Business sectors I will be publishing guidance on over the coming months.

All people in senior management positions of Australian Super Funds Can Be removed from their Dwellings with Force at any time and Subjected to interrogation. During Interrogations Families should be taken to interrogation office, put in a seperate waiting room and be informed that a member of their family is under investigation for participating in occult crimes against the people of Australia.

Individuals with histories of traveling back and forward between nations such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel and England should be the initial focus of such scrutiny.

I have heard via media they are attempting to impose further restrictions on second stage withdrawals on these accounts. I will be investigating this and if there are any further information requirements or submission to government requirements rejecting them. I think it takes a lot of Nerve for Government and Financial Services Sectors Members to be playing politics at this stage. I don’t think it is going to serve them short term.

Due to identified mismanagement and exploitation of these accounts what I will be doing myself personally is trying to complete the second withdrawal and then close the account. I would advise people to closely scrutinise any activity in their own accounts.

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