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Some things I have to tell you.

Youtube Boxes

Just some things I have to tell you. For the sake of being responsible.
– Watching youtube. Dangerous. Lots of low energy there. I have personally cut watching it down to almost nothing unless there is something I need to reference.
– Netflix – Probably the same.
– Apple computers – Generally speaking Dangerous. Heavily monitored. All kinds of tracking tech on them.
– Facebook / Instagram. Low blood Jew pits.  Dangerous.
– Decoding Eyes Wide Shut. My life started getting strange decoding that. Its a small light print that helps us walk into the new age. Darky cults want our blood so they don’t want that. They will pay in their blood for their actions against us.
– Studying Gang Stalking on youtube – Dangerous. When they know you are aware of it they will start practicing it on you. I have now decoded the core spiritual testing systems on earth and can determine between low blood jew pig gang-stalkers and other activity.

Thats a general Guide. You have been told by people beyond me that Youtube is no good. Be careful using it or letting loved ones use it.

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