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The Australian Military’s Greatest Ever Strategic Manoeuvre was telling the Virgin Group to Bugger Off.

Australian Military Virgin Group
Australian Military Virgin Group

Some months ago the Virgin Groups PR machine announced that the Australian military will be offered advanced boarding on Virgin Flights.  
How dare these clowns try turn Australia into a Military worshiping society the same way you feel as when you travel in the USA. In America’s airports Military priority, Military Lounges, Military Thank you’s. It definitely feels like you are in the land of the Military industrial complex so much so that it feels freaky.

The Virgin group who’s mobile arm was recently booted out of Australia was obviously looking for ways to gain public favour.

Fortunately the Australian Military itself seemed to immediately reject the proposal and said they didn’t really feel the need to get favourable treatment.

What irks you with these corporations is the deeper you look the more fraud you find. And just when you have uncovered the most abdominal frauds, the frauds get deeper till you are left saying to yourself, who the fuck are these sociopathic people?

Here are the frauds we have found the Virgin Group associated with to date.

  • The Royal Fraud – Yes Richard Branson is one of the Ass Clowns Knighted by the tranny Cabal the has hijacked our Nobility traditions. 
  • The Space Fraud – As if Branson hasn’t done fucked your brains out enough already. He is another aspiring ass tro not. Promising to take you into space.
  • The Jet fuel Fraud – Don’t you find it funny that these airlines are constantly disclosing their hundred million dollar fuel bills when many sources point out it seems that modern jet liners do not run on combustable fuels. Where are those hundreds of millions of dollars being taken from? Who is bearing the cost of that deception?
  • The HIV fraud – Words are a funny thing. Although it seems Branson’s words on HIV were to be tolerant towards those diagnosed with HIV. It could also be perceived that not dismissing outright lies is in itself violence. Sometimes if something is just a bunch of bunkum the only way to address the topic is to say so. We also connect the fraud phenomena that is HIV/AIDS to the cults that we mention later in this article.

No wonder Branson’s Brothers are thinking about dragging him between a pair of orange pillars.

The judgement that our elders (No not our saturnic “el ders. I mean the Wise old people who have come before us”) have placed upon these men is not that they are evil. It is just that it is not particularly in their heart to do good. 

And this just might paint the most realistic picture of where these men have gone wrong. One thing that you have to do in life is that when you feel satan on your back, you have to kick him off quickly. You have to use your senses. And you have to be aggressive. As in you have to tell people that they can fuck off. You have to tell some people that if they don’t you’ll have their head. Maybe thats where these men have gone wrong.

You know that every time you hear the term “Billionaire Branson” it is satan telling you he is in control of this character (13 x 2).  Thats why Branson met with Obama. Because they are both Obama nations.

Even the name Richard Branson comes out to satanic numerology. 18 x 2 = 36……3 sixes.

So maybe these mens short coming is not that they have not been strong enough to toss satan off their back. Maybe they are entirely creations of Saturnic cults & Saturnic Blood lines.

About once a month I will hit the Virgin group of companies websites and say to myself “I hope these guys are doing something good.” The last time I checked. Promoting Homosexuality in Africa.

Not so Good. 

Placing the Pox that they have so happily allowed to spread in our own populations on nations less fortunate. No doubt under the guise of progress.

The Virgin Mobile stores were booted out of Australia probably because the leaders of that industry see that there is no future in investing in Fraud. So what do they do, run off to South America to promote their mobile business there. No addressing of the fraud they have been Apart of in Australia. No rectification of historic wrongdoing. 

I can’t imagine for a nations Military to be powerful and mighty they would need to allow their asses to be kissed by corporate figure heads. Blindly accepting any token praise by society would more likely portray our military as a pack of muppets.

Increasingly when I see these prominent figures my feeling is that satan has his paws on them and they do not have the strength or fortitude to shake satan off.

The freemasonic symbolism around Branson indicates that he is a compliant initiate of freemasonic saturnian brotherhoods and is incredibly compliant with forces that other men have been bolder in dismantling. Fortunately for me I have never been compliant with these forces and even when they were present as a hidden hand my intuition likewise removed them promptly.

But Branson still has his boats pointed toward Babylon. It is no great revelation that things don’t end well for her.

Richard Branson is just another tool that was mind fucked by the fraternity into killing his father. And he doesn’t seem to be making the greatest effort to change his ways and rectify his crimes of the past. Pissing in the pockets of our armed services is not going to allow the Virgin Group to escape from the crimes they have participated in and the occult forces they have allowed themselves to come under control from. The Australian Military were well served in telling Virgin to Bugger off. It is a greater mark on their record that they are aware of the occult forces behind certain companies and leaders and politely declined their shallow patronisation.

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