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The shocking story of our last ever Youtube upload. A Jew Curse within a Jew Curse.

Jew Cube Curse
Jew Cube Curse

This post is about the shocking discovery I made while actually using youtube.

Some months ago we had a customer upload a video to our sites. They were making a warranty claim. I held onto the video for a while. Then I just went and uploaded it to youtube for record keeping. The video is from the sociopaths that create cartoons like the Simpsons. They were running warranty fraud on our e-commerce websites. One thing that makes that obvious is the big homer Simpson image in their video. However these are the people I discovered planned and executed a police assault on me. No one told me who it was I figured it out by decoding. I didn’t get any tip offs. I never do.

So the uploaded video revealed to us this. A jew curse within a jew curse. A nested jew curse. So the simpsons creators who get off on using loaded guns to see peoples naked bottoms are using the same curse symbology as public platforms such as Youtube. On the youtube side a red and white box (Red and white being the holy blood colours – gods people) and the simpsons creators a red and white power cube. Same Symbolism. Same intent. Same curse. So a public facing platform that has daily use of numbers that I won’t even guess – lets say millions to be modest – is working with the intent to curse us. Gods people. If that’s what their intent is what do you think they are doing behind the scenes?

What is more shocking than finding both cartoonists and tech companies working with the intent to curse God’s people? Is that these jewish business leaders actually know each-other and meet to conduct business meetings. So the people who are defrauding our personal finances, the people who assault us via police are Jews who intend to destroy our lives who intend to keep us away from god’s earth. Make no mistakes. That’s who Google are.

Now we know the intent of the people behind Google and youtube. We have to ask ourselves what will be the consequence of doing something so unholy and on such a grand scale. How deep and dark do Google’s sinister and malicious intents toward our wellbeing go?

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