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The Value of having a Conspiracy Theory Mind

I wanted to write just a short post on the value of having a conspiracy theory mind.

So when it comes to sep 11, I was probably slower than most to wrap my head around what that was about. All of the ‘in’ people would have had the secrets first.

But despite the fact that I wasn’t that sharp about it, that I never had anyone tell me the truth about what it was about….I still entertained all of these different conspiracies. So I never settled on a particular truth.

Keep in mind that event was really the initiation of a generation. It was really the starting point of what we are seeing finish now, Afghanistan.

So as that event kicked off, because I had a conspiracy theory mind from sep 11, I really went onward toward consuming from the tree of life. Because I didn’t establish any solid belief like ‘muslims are terrorists’. So I didn’t sit for example in an Australian office and participate in a war against people out of ignorance.

Those choices in my life came out of having a mind set. People use the term conspiracy theory. It really has negative implications but I would recommend it. Have a conspiracy mind. It is really just a mind that entertains many different possibilities.

Your mind is meant to be in a state…..A good word is lucid…but i’m not trying to refer to light. Your mind state is meant to be almost like a Hot CPU. Always with energy in it. You are meant to have powerful thoughts. Deep meditations. Deep Wisdom. If that is how you would describe your own mind. Deep. Intense. Searching for truth. Searching for wisdom. Well there is a greater chance of you staying alive. Because what you will be doing with your life is more of it will be spent consuming from the tree of life. Through the right frame of mind. Through the right function.

This plays out with spirituality as a whole. You may find at times in your life you have indulged in Quack spirituality. Thats fine. Spirituality is strange in the sense that you really have to at least examine or get a feel for the quackery before you get close to the truth. That puts you in a hard spot because everyone that knows higher truth. That sees you playing with quackery. Will subject you to mockery. But my advice would be. That a greater power than having truth. Is being able to search for and find truth….on any subject by yourself. That will take you through A LOT of conspiracy theories in your life.

Be at ease with taking your mind to crazy places. But the goal of doing so is not winding up somewhere crazy per-se. It’s winding up somewhere that is true or real.

Anyways, Concluding. I would be dead without a conspiracy mind right now. Because come Sept 11. I would have reached for my trusty Kalishnakov. And headed to Afghanistan to seek justice in the sand.

Just using that little bit of extra brain capacity to dwell on alternate truths. Is really a life saver. Because when you get to the ultimate truths they different to what anyone ever goes and verbalises to you straight out. You have to get there with your mind doing the contemplation work.

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