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US Tech Powerhouses Apple, Google & Facebook linked to Sexual Assaults of young Australians.

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In my previous post I outlined technologies that are being used by individuals operating out of nations like the USA and Israel to coordinate assaults against people.

As the scenario plays itself out our research has made more direct links between these technologies and well know corporations that operate from the USA.

  • All of these corporations have connections to the state of Israel.
  • We have established historic commercial connections between some of these corporations and men identified as individuals known to have planned sexual assaults in Australia.
  • These historic commercial connections may mean that these corporations are now responsible for harbouring rapists.
  • Historic Directors of these corporations have been found to have direct association to cults that have undertaken multi billion dollar medical frauds that are now known amongst our medical institutions as acts of murder.
  • We have tested and established direct connections between the stalking and harassment I have described in previous posts and the technology being produced by these companies.

So even though this post is a broad overview of how these companies are linked to these sexual assaults – you can picture a scenario where individuals are identified by the data they place on facebook, then they are tracked by their possession of an apple iPhone and then their location is forwarded on to police who are briefed to perform a sexually oriented assault.

The connection between these corporations, the tracking technologies they employ and pre meditated assaults on young innocent Australians will have a range of implications on the future of their operation around the world.

  • No employees that leave these companies should ever be subject to prosecution or penalty for technology theft or IP theft – All of these corporations will be specifically forbidden from engaging in this type of prosecution and courts will be forbidden from awarding these corporations in any such prosecution.
  • All police investigations in Australia of crimes such as murder should include investigation of hardware manufactured by these companies for applications such as tracking/stalking apps that in most cases will be made by ‘black market’ app developers.
  • Success in software and hardware production companies will not be established by revenue alone but by standard of conduct within these corporations.
  • Employees of these corporations may be called to provide evidence or defend the claim that they have been involved in the targeting of Australian teenagers for sexual assault.
  • The use of evidence or data recorded on any device or software produced by these companies is to be considered inadmissible as evidence to make any formal decision in court or legal cases in our nations. Although it is not a bad thing to have some stable reliable technology layers in society to provide defence to individuals these corporations poor historical conduct have determined that they will not be the corporations producing this layer.
  • Due to their involvement in the harbouring and protection of rapists, employees of these corporations may face travel restrictions in nations they attempt to enter.
  • Journalists and government officials found to be exploiting geographical, photographic or other captured information from these corporations may also be called in for questioning over the assaults and may be linked to these cults as assailants in the future.

The nature of the technology that these corporations sell is such that it is supposed to provide benefit for our societies. These technologies are supposed to be building the tools and technologies that create the future of our families. However what these three particular corporations have been found to be involved in is a system of parasitism.

Google, Apple and Facebook have enjoyed a degree of popularity in our nations in years past but as parents discover that these technologies are being used to plot sexual assaults against their children we believe that the tides will turn against them.

There is nothing inherently wrong with technology. We can use it as a tool to provide security for our society. I think what we will most likely find in the future is that these companies have built too much power and have misused the technology systems they have developed. As a consequence they will be found unfit to operate in our nations and the position they have taken in markets will go to a diversity of other firms that prove they have higher standards for privacy and security.

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