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Where the BBC Went Wrong.

BBC Skull & Bones
BBC Skull & Bones

What I said of the Virgin Group some time ago, is that it went so far wrong spiritually that it was just beyond recovery. We don’t realise how powerful lies are and how far off course they can take us. We don’t realise how damaging playing make believe can be.

Thats the BBC Story. It has indulged in
– Deception
– Abuse
– Fakery
– Fraud

And a long long list of other crimes. It is unredeemable.

You simply can’t abuse one generation and then re-invent yourself to represent the next.

The Best solution for the BBC is that it be destroyed and dissolved and documentation be kept of the long list of spiritual crimes that it participated in.

Senior directors of the BBC need to be placed under investigation for the business associations they have held over decades passed.

Our lives are very finite. If you are publishing media there are two habits that are well worth forming. If you neglect truth, you can find yourself at points of no return.

– Try to be Ascensional – open gateways toward opportunity or positivity for people.
– If you have to criticize something – make it based on truth, try to make your truths originate from deep study.

The BBC is completely unredeemable and my view is its future is no different to any other Fox publication.

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