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Why I have blocked Australia’s news sites from my browser.

Fox 666
Fox 666

Remember how I recently Said I love decoding movies but Im not really interested in the Movie Industry.

Well my relationship with News media is a bit different. 
I can’t stand decoding it. Today I have blocked out the last of the Australian News Sites from my Browser. 

Everybody knows that the Fox News media is 666 Media.
FairFax, the next best toilet paper of record gives you 66.

The numbers are looking down on those publications.

I don’t quite understand how people who stand on a Dog Turd platform think that they have anything to say, or that anyone would give a fuck about what they are saying.

It’s like The Project. Besides the funny numerology in the title. 
A bunch of Jew Pig Cult Fellating Retards. Timely broadcast. 6:30. 

When these fucktards light enters my Mind my natural impulse is to block my brain. Tin foil Could actually be tangibly helpful in a scenario with such trash emitting from our 55” Black Rectangular Smart TV.  

II Easy ways to deal with Bullshit in our society.

Take the remote. Switch Channels. Or Just turn it off. 

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