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India Travel And Proximity Curtailment Order

Indian Blood Lines Are Operating Stalking And Harassment Technology In The Lands Of Australia.

We Do Not Permit The Operation Of Such Technology In Our Lands.

We Generally Don’t Permit Corporations Or Governments To Disclose The Geographic Locations Of Private Citizens. 

Indians Are Not A Native Race In Australia. They Have No Rights And Are All Here Based On The Calibre Of Their Contribution And Conduct.

Due To The Extent Of Indian Transgression We Will Be Severely Limiting Their Participation In Our Society And Publishing A Range Of Violent Purge Orders To Discourage Them From Residing In Our Lands.

The Purpose Of This Order Is To Announce Due To Indian Abuse Of Stalking And Harassment Technology.

Australia Or What We Will Refer To As Austrasia Will Implement Curfews For All Indian Blood Citizens.

The Curfews Will Limit The Cities That They Can Be Present In. Some Cities Will Completely Prohibit Indians From Entering.

The Curfews Will Also Limit The Times That Indians Are Permitted To Leave Their Homes.

We Will Also Be Advising Government Bodies To Prohibit Indians From Participating In Businesses Such As Alcohol Dispensation / Serving.

Although We Don’t Encourage Heavy Alcohol Consumption. Relaxing And Socialising With Friends And A Drink Is Part Of Our Peoples Culture From Ancient Times. It’s Not Appropriate That Our Youth Are Subjected To The Presence Of Demonic Races During Their Social Times.  

I Will Be Detailing More Specifics On This Order In Future Posts.

The Curtailment Of Indians In Our Nation’s Is Critical For The Preservation Of The Sanctity Of Our Lands.


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