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Japanese Automobile Ban

I Spent Some Time Contemplating On This.

The India Call Was Easy. To Advise We Terminate The Relationship With Them On Car Imports. Because It’s All Junk.

Ultimately We Don’t Want A Completely Free Market In Automobiles. We Need To Think It Out And Change Transport Culture.

In Terms Of This Recommendation, I Just Need To Get It Out There. 

I Don’t Think That Anyone Is Going To Openly Accept It.

I Think A Lot Of People Will Mock It. And Ignore It.

But I Had A Divine Vision. And I Just Need To Do The Leg Work. To Prove That My Paperwork Is Submitted. 

That I Submit The Work Sufficient Enough To Bring The Vision Forward To Fruition.

In Terms Of The Japanese Automobile Industry.

It’s Not A Simple Happy Relationship Of Japanese Punching Out Cars, And Trading Them With Us At A Fair Market Price.

I Think The Whole Automobile Industry Is More Complex Than That. And I Think Is Manipulated Such That Beings That Will Comply With Dark Orders Are Much More Likely To Be Provided The Capability To Own Automobiles. The Finance System Is Heavily Managed And Not To The Direction Of Bringing Forward Goodness.

We Need To Ask The Question. How Many Japanese Made Automobiles Operate Around The Lands With Curse Plates? How Many Japanese Automobiles Operate For The Sake Of Bringing Negative Energetic Patterns To The Lands?

I Mean, I Have Expressed Similar Concerns About Teslas. Musky Poo Poos Can Pop Me In A Tesla With A Homo Named Stuart And Impress Me With Its Acceleration. But My Concerns About Tesla Cars Are Still Not Alleviated.

So The Vision Is Both Lands And Urban Development Strategies That Are Much More Conducive To Encouraging Populations To Walk. And Business And Corporate Cultures That Are Much More Supportive Of Finding Employees That Can Walk To Their Place Of Work, Even In Cases By Arranging Accommodation Near Places Of Employment. 

Essentially We Do Not Believe The Japanese Race Is Trustworthy Enough To Supply Automobiles For Our Markets. To Be Shipping Heavy Elemental Steel Devices Into Our Nations.

For That Reason Im Advising A Complete Prohibition Of Japanese Automobile Imports.

Of All Petroleum Automobiles And All Other Types Of Energy Propulsion Automobiles.

We Don’t Believe It’s An Issue Of Propulsion Type And Iterating Toward Cleaner Emission Vehicles.

We Believe We Need To Bring Forward A Paradigm Where There Is Less Reliance On Cars. Increased Walking. And Family Homes With A Single Automobile Between All Members Not 1 Car Per Family Member. But Also Pushing Families To Outsource Their Automobile Use Through Tools Like Grocery Delivery And Car Pooling Apps.

We Are Ultimately Trying To Cut The Amount Of Automobiles That Exist In Our Nations. And Ensure Our Expansion And Growth Brings Forward A Realm Conducive To Growing The Human Spirit. Not A Prison Full Of Winding Black And White Roads And Infinite Big Steel Boxes.

Therefore, Identifying Nation By Nation Who Is Not Suitable To Supply Automobiles And Stipulating Blanket Bans.

Is The Path To Begin Bringing Forward That Reality. I Just Need To Get My Paper Work In.

I Have Already Proposed A Ban On India. Now Japan.

The Advice To Japanese Would Be. Find Things To Produce That Are Conducive To Our Health And Longevity. Other Than Gas Guzzlers And False Light.

Next There Is One Other Nation Who I Do Not Believe Are Fit To Supply Automobiles And I Will Do The Paper Work On That Soon.  

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