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Sweden And Denmark Travel Curtailment Orders

The Nations Of Sweden And Denmark Have Failed Their End Of Times Judgement. 

They Are Implicated In Attempting To Cast Deep Hermetic Light Curses Across Our Lands.

From Here We Publish A Range Of Orders To Curtail The Peoples Of Those Lands. 

This Order Is To Stipulate A Reduction In Travel And Access To Our Lands For Peoples Originating From The Lands Of Sweden And Denmark. 

Our Nations Are To:

  • Eliminate University Placement Opportunities For Peoples Of These Nations Across All Of Our Lands
  • Travel Access Will Become Harder As Swedish And Danish People Will Increasingly Be Rejected In Visa Applications. Pay Higher Travel Entry Fees To Our Nations.
  • Reduce The Opportunity For Swedish And Danish People To Reside In Our Nation’s For Work And Business Purposes. 
  • Reduce Access And Ability For Swedish And Danish Airlines To Land In Regions Operated By Our Peoples. 
  • Eliminate The Ability For Swedish And Danish People To Become Naturalised In Our Nations And Be Recognised As Citizens Of Our Nations.

These Are Curtailment Orders For Our Lands But We Also Expect All Nations Of Asia, Africa, Europe And The Americas Will Implement Such Programs To Curtail The People Of Sweden And Denmark.

We Expect The Curtailment And Containment Of The Swedish And Danish People Will Last Approximately 1000 Years While We Perform A Full Elemental Collapse Across Those Lands And Engage In Flesh Purging To Remove Demonic Elements. 

We Have A Number Of Further Curtailment Orders Pertaining To These Nations Coming Soon. 

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