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Am I Trippin About Tesla Cars – No This Is How It Works.

I will start this by Saying I have never been sold on Tesla. I always detected BS. I have been saying so for a long time also.

Am I trippin about the cars stalking me on the street. No.

This is how it works.

I have already explained that they are surveillance tech. I have already explained in the US they are abusing GPS tech for stalking applications.

But It goes deeper than that.

I have explained in other places That what Disney is building is the Fake World. Thats what Disney land is. It is all Saturn By Design.

Well if you study the works of Romley Stewart on the Glossa (You know, the famous Holocaust Historian). He explains that that fake world is extended into our nations in part by the use of the Glossa (American Sign Language). They use this on many contracts and also on Street signs. So they extend the Saturn world out far through corruption.

A Lot of the people who stalk me are in Black and White. The Cults literally attempt to surround you by a godless world.

Thats what the Tesla cars are also. They are an extension of the Godless world. Controlled by Godless beings. Need more Proof? Well the Word Tesla Backward reads Al Set. El Set. The God of Death.

Anyway, you don’t want to be walking head first into Saturn. And you don’t want to allow them to impose it around you.

One of the patterns of Stalkers I see, is like people wearing Black and White Designed clothing, with up arrows. Promoting the ‘False world’ – Saturn on earth. They try to surround you with it, box you in everywhere you go so to speak.

So yes I will repel them and violently. I will be writing more policy for this topic in the near future.

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