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It Matters Not if Australia’s Fake PM Acknowledges Fake Jews In Fake Jerusalem.

Fake Jews
Fake Jews

By the headline you probably already get the gist of the Article.

Australia’s PM Is unelected and not respected and best described as Fake.

So anyone writing the story should know that he acknowledging Jerusalem doesn’t do well as far as long term historical narrative is concerned in the first place.

The Jews in Fake Jerusalem. Likewise fake.

Khazarian Ashkenazi type. With their fake Hebrew. You know. The ones that faked the Holocaust.

Jerusalem itself. You guessed it. Fake. Study your bible and you will come to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely the modern city of Jerusalem is anywhere near The biblical Jerusalem. And you get those people that claim Jerusalem is a spiritual thing anyways.

So the Fake Ashkanazi Jews of Europe went about building a a fake Jerusalem probably as they are well aware Religion and spirituality can be used as a tool of pacification and control.

Which is exactly why the story is being run in Australian media. They want you to feel some type of way about Australia’s Fake PM acknowledging Fake Jews in Fake Jerusalem.

But why would you give a shit?

When it’s all fake anyways.

And if you are some type of Jew that is emotionally invested in your fake Jerusalem. You are probably being suckered.

So chill. Don’t pay it any mind.

And one day. Our so called leaders may be able to coordinate a Real PM. To acknowledge a real Jew. In a real Jerusalem.

We will wait with bated breath.

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