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Learning Something about War That No One Else Has Taught you.

So I have taught you guys some interesting things through my blogs that no one else has really taught you. For example, the real meaning of Israel. Most of what I have taught about Israel I continually confirm myself to be true as my study goes on. This is again one of those things I have just taken from my mind that is interesting to learn or know.

I have posted a bit about the Afghanistan war. That something I don’t have a lot of interest in. They never tell you the truth about these wars. And they are probably just going to serve you up a bunch of bullshit Saturn in the press.

Many of the wars that have transpired on earth are nothing as you have been told. Vietnam was probably just a bunch of trannies running in and out of masonic lodges in Vietnam. These modern wars are more like the modern blue blood pig occupation and exploitation of nations rather than trench warfare. The wars are deeply connected to the Consciousness suppression or Spirit Suppression that also takes place on earth, something I will be writing about soon.

Anyways, this is something I can teach you about war that I see to be true. And something you can use to learn about the universe. When They sent the young men to war in Iraq, what they are doing is sending men backwards in a spiritual time machine. So Iraq is Babylon if you read the bible the purpose is to escape Babylon. Not go toward it.

So what they are doing when they send men to war in Iraq is not sending them to their impending death. Not even sending them into a harsh war zone. They are sending them backward in a spiritual machine. They know that a percentage of men will not make it through the other end. Some will participate in bad medical tests. Some will get depression. Some will never figure out how to get by in life. If you watch films like Jar Head, you will see Iraq wasn’t like it was portrayed in the news. But that is one thing I can be certain of. That is what they are doing. They are sending men backwards in a spiritual machine. In some way to protect themselves.

One thing I know about life is it is hard enough just getting by being a good guy. You surely don’t want to be going backward if you can avoid it.

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