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Understanding The Deep Occultism Behind Petro Chemical Consumption

Understanding The Occultism Behind Oil.

There is deep occultism behind oil. I have been contemplating on the occultism behind this particular topic for a long time.

What conclusions Have I come to? Well. Its quite simple.

Oil. Not good stuff.

Sometime It may seem like an impossibility to remove for example plastic from your life. But if you don’t go about life with the right spirit then it is a problem You will never solve.

Remember I told you I went to college in a town called Ipswich and they had a bit of a better attitude toward the environment.

Well a few years ago there was talk of killing the recycling program. Where we seperate our plastic trash for recycling. Anyways As soon as They announced it my head said “I bet the locals flip their shit about that decision” – Well sure they did. Just days later the whole council Was be threatened with employment termination. Ironically during my youth part of my employment was working for pops crawling on my knees Around our local foul smelling recycling depots with an oxy torch maintaining the conveyors etc.

So in Australia we care. About Getting our conduct and interaction with the environment right from the ground up.

We care about caring for the land.

So we need to get the solutions with oil right.

What are the deep answers…..

I think it is something like this. Keep in mind this has been on my mind for years. I don’t think I am yet to the bottom of the problem yet…

But I think Im getting close. Here is what I think the answer is.

So they tell you that Oil is a Fossil Fuel. I think that is a topic for debate in its self. If you watch Hans Wormhat on youtube he does a lot Of good work in this area. Contemplating alternate energy options. I enjoyed his videos on Coal. Got me thinking.

So is Oil fossil Fuel? I don’t know. One of my deep conspiracies is that it is some substance in the earth akin to Blood. And By extracting it and burning it we are Actually harming the earth.

But I don’t claim to know exactly what oil is. I agree with Hans when he says “If they know how to produce energy, they ain’t fuckin telling you straight how they are doing it”

But I think the answer with Oil is as simple as this.

Lets just assume oil is like dead matter. Dead carbon. So through combustion we release an energy experience on the carbon and through the pistons capture an energy release and then channel that energy release into a drive shaft.

Well if The petrol is refined dead matter……If I said to you…..”Now we need more energy”…….What are we going to need to satisfy that demand.


It’s that simple. If as an energy equation. Propelling Our being with an energy equation that is Death = Propulsion

Every time we need more power……we are literally creating more death.

So we need to find energy equations and propulsion systems that are Holy. And we need to take the steps to completely eliminate old ways that are unholy.

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