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Understanding the Fukushima event from a Christian Mans Perspective.

Sometimes I will just tell a story from my perspective. People might have never seen the scenario from another persons view.

In my Travels in Asia. Fukushima was the very first town I moved to. It was the beginning of a Journey. I think I lived there for ballpark 6 Months.

So After I finished up living there. Moved on. I literally lived in Hundreds of towns.

Obviously many of those towns I stayed in for just a single night. Some a few days. Some weeks. Some months even a year.

So when Fukushima First Happened. I didn’t assume the event was connected to me in any way at all. Because I had long left the town.

If a Turkey Goes Postal in Tashkent – Does one assume the incident is connected to ones self?

Not always.

So after I left Fukushima I visited many towns, met many people. The type of work I was doing completely changed. In Japan I worked as an English Teacher.

By the time I had moved to Bangkok about 50% of my work was digital media production that I both taught myself and picked up the work myself by pitching to corporates.

I didn’t really have any bad feelings toward anyone in Fukushima After I left Fukushima. I didn’t like the corporate I worked for. But as far as the people. They were all just people we met and partied with at some point on the journey.

But Even though I went on with my life and had a whole bunch of fun experiences in other towns or places.

Its obvious to probably both me and you at this point that there were bad vibes in Fukushima.

I could of easily told you that at the time from the corporate hierarchy. But as far as the every day people. Its obvious that a lot of folks were caught up in the meeting schedules presented to them on their watch. People engaged in Gossip. People took their direction from bad spirited people. And the consequences of that effect the whole region.

You know how when internet video took off one of the categories that was popular amongst men, like the cave man-survival videos where dudes go bush and make cool home / survival technology in the wilderness using mostly their own wit.

Thats kind of what my energy was like as a young man. I ran all around south east Asia. Camcorder in Hand. I didn’t wish anyone any harm. I wasn’t even trying to conquer. Really trying to learn and explore. It’s a continuous energy. I think little boys are more inclined to have this kind of energy and in some respects you could compare it to a desire for creation.

Thats all I wanted to convey in this post.

As a Man and as a Christian. Sometimes in your life. You walk your own path. You choose your own way.

Sometimes in other places. Bad energy builds up and flows over.

Thats what Fukushima feels like to me. A lot of people stuck around in the same place. And let their bad energy build up so much so that it could have harmed the whole region.

So as a christian you can ask yourself. What type of energy am I emitting. Am I sitting here and Bad vibing about someone who doesn’t deserve it?

In the long run that is I think what we are going to find that this is what it is about.

We need to study our bibles. We need to seriously invest in the word of god.

But we also need to step away from that and invest serious energy in our everyday lives.

As you go to work during the day, you don’t need to have gods word flowing through your brain every second.

God just wants you to know the way to be. Demonstrating you know how to excerpt energy gracefully in his Kingdom.

Get it wrong, you may kill someone. Like a shit-house-average cartoonist.

Anyways keep an eye on decoded light. Im going to publish a decode of the band name ‘The Cure’ Soon which will boil these concepts down so that you can grasp them more easily.

Fukushima was an energetic deception. By decoding it and assessing the intentions of the people who orchestrated it, we can better take from its lesson to improve the quality of our every day lives.

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