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What is the future of the Masonic Relationship with Transgenderism?

In the coming years Masonic Individuals and Masonic Bodies will face a plethora or prosecution and legal challenges from people that have undergone some type of gender related surgery in return for masonic progress, participation or promise of enlightenment.

It is my view that as the years pass many will learn this approach to be bunkum. That maybe historically transgenderism has played some part in masonry and yes all of these topics are touched on by the bible. But what has come to pass in earths structured mason cults is that we have built a big tranny factory. Industrialising things always takes the uniqueness out of them and I fear that masonic practice in our nations almost by default condemns a portion of the population to a life of surgical suffering.

So we will approach this topic from two angles. One short and sweet for those born with gender issues or those victims of cult inversion in the womb. And then one for post birth transgendering for cult purposes.

Angle 1 (Natural Transgenders)
So in our society some people will be born with gender issues. Some people will be born with these issues as a result of medical abuse pre birth. Lets always have consideration and care for these people. Lets ensure they get the medical consultation they need. And as far as people that choose Transgenderim for sexual preference, yes they have rights. However the second they take a stage or pick up a microphone all of their rights change to responsibilities.

Angle 2 (Mason Cult Transgenders)
When it comes to people that practice masonry and dabble in post birth transgender surgery – Well men have got no rights to hide behind a bunch of trannies. And the fact that bamboozling people behind a wall of trannies, robbing them, assaulting them doing as they wish is not acceptable behaviour just because you are hiding behind trannies. Sure we get it. Its a deception and people are tested for their consciousness. Some of this consciousness will automatically go to people that for example study medical issues. I randomly get across these issues just because I have an interest in both truth and occultism. But you can see if for example masons that hide behind a bunch of trannies always get off scot free then there is going to be huge demand for trannies right? So that is what is happening in our society. Men that do masonry think they always get off being the mason behind the trannies. But what that is creating is huge suffering in people who are taken into these cults, transgendered and then grow to find their life is not quite as they were told, transgendering isn’t quite as they are told, and the cults are not quite as they are told.

So realistically we can assume that the future of Masonry in our nations has no particular hinging on the process of transgenderism. Yeah we do value the role masonry has in testing peoples understanding of Gods creation. We don’t value institutions that systemically subject our fellow man to pain and suffering. So if you want to try the tranny test on folks. Buy yourself a pair of these. And always remember there are many many other ways that you can test people without including sex or gender at all. Don’t set yourself up in the gender transition surgery game and think its going to be a cake walk. Because what you will find in Australia and Hopefully other nations if you seek to fuck our youth in the brains and put the scalpal down on them. Your own enterprise will be challenged. Your own acumen will be questioned. And your validity as a medical practitioner will be called to account.

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