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Decree #15 Nullifying All International US Medical Contracts and Agreements.

The Purpose of this decree is to formally nullify any standing contracts between international hospitals and medical corporations operating out of the United States of America.

– Hospital Ownership Contracts
– Hospital Operation Contracts
– Medical Supply Contracts
– Medical Training Contracts
– Staff Supply Contracts
– Medical Loan Agreements
– Hospital Construction Contracts
– International Capital Agreements
– Deeper Medical Capital Contracts that include Governmental Instruments
such as Bonds.

Are now officially Nullified.
This covers Regions Such as
– Europe
– The Americas and Caribbean
– Asia
– Australasia
– Africa

During this Transition if there is any conflict on ownership military guards can be deployed to hospitals for protection.

The United States of America should be sealed until it has finalised its judgement for operating as an international military state across the lands of Earth.

Doctors and industry leaders in our nations should fear no repercussions for challenging USA based leaders on Hospital or Medical Operational decision making.

Doctors and industry leaders should seek to channel any medical budgets into Nations that are of a good standing and with a long track record of christian practice.

Forces of influence should seek to transfer any capital stored in the USA directly to leaders in these regions for their own domestic Management.

US Based Hospitals should be left with sufficient resource for their own ongoing operation.

Once the People of the world are satisfied that America is fit to resume relations with the rest of earth Cooperation can resume.

In Cases where doctors or leaders feel it is better to maintain relations in the short term in case of for example patient care, this is welcome but keep in mind as our medical relations with the USA scale back there maybe legal consequences for doing so – so All would be well served to manage this transition wisely.

Ill conclude this decree with one point. People faced with loosing access to capital or maybe seeing the cessation of a hospital construction project might be Perturbed. But what I have learned from my study over the past years is that the appropriate use of spirit, intellect and caring is far more powerful than money force alone. So you might lose a big money partner. Your office digs might not have as many free cup cakes at luncheons. But you are going to have to put that all behind you and channel your energy into an optimism and appreciate that with a little less cash, and a little more intellect and caring. Good doctors will prevail and I think that as nations we will find in due course that we have sufficient resource within our own nations alone. I think we are going to find for the time being we want no spirit from America involved in our care systems.

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