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Digital Decree #1 – Dealing with Curse Culture in our nations during the time of judgement.

Curse Culture
Curse Culture

Our first Digital Decree is aimed at tackling a culture of cursing that has spread across our nations.

This culture exists in governments, law, medicine and in many other core institutions of our society.

So to give some example of the extent of this culture (we don’t aim to disclose all institutions involved in this decree) almost all of the principal digital platforms online employ some type of cursing symbology in their systems. So most of your digital communications and work platforms do have sinister or malicious intent towards you – gods people. As this intent manifests into our living conditions what you find is that even if you go out into town you may have nefarious characters stalk you in countries like Australia and the US and in many cases these characters are really just serving the interests of big established corporates that have built in to many of their flows a cursing and exploitation and a disregard for our wellbeing.

In the years to come this Curse Culture will be entirely removed from our nations. For example if people found a business our nations commercial administration infrastructure will not be to exploit those founders. If people go to a hospital, the treatments will not under any circumstance pertain to suppression or harm as we currently see. If people register for an online service, that service will not be intended to curse, trace and exploit people. Those who have been involved in this activity will face the consequences of doing so.

The corporations and the individuals responsible for cursing our humanity will pay a heavy price. We will soon be putting a price on this activity for one specific corporation.

But during the time of Judgement ultimately the way many men will be judged is by where they are found to have resided amongst the light.

– Have they resided such that they have profited and been amused by the fact that they have been behind the orchestration of a curse upon our humanity.
– Have they been ignorant of the existence of malicious intent amongst those within our societal institutions?
– Or have they fought the cursing and found themselves in a position when they as a being can surpass it and help other do the same?

These are just three of many potential positions people could have taken to what has been done on our lands. But during the time of judgement all beings have undertaken works that leave a detailed record of their actions and intents. In nations like England, deep, profound and sickening curses and etheric deceptions have been wielded against the populous as a means of suppression and theft. Many of the judgements and separations that take place will be based on the analysis of intents of those in companies, governments, media and so on.

So this is the core essence of our first digital decree. To disassemble the curse culture that has crept up upon us and return our lands to a state such that they serve our interests if our interests are well intentioned. We may expand on this particular decree in the future given the critical importance of the topic and in the coming weeks will be deepening our coverage of curse culture in our broader media.

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